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  A NEW GENERATION of ENTREPRENEURS - Voice of the Leaders Magazine

Filed under: Press — admin - December 21, 2005 @ 9:19 pm

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Pipeline Communications and Technology, Inc.

Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Marketplace
The technology is revolutionary and Monte Littlefield (MBA ‘01) just knew they had something special. His face literally lights up with excitement just talking about its applications in the wireless market, in defense systems and perhaps other uses yet to be discovered.

Winner of the 2004 UH Business Plan Competition, Pipeline Communications and Technology, Inc. is a technology development and commercialization company. Their innovative WaveCloak™ antenna technology enables secure mobile wireless communications between users while emitting false jamming signals.

In May, Pipeline acquired a license from Ehresoft Technologies, Inc. enabling them exclusive worldwide license to Digital Moboard™, the world’s first digitized naval tracking and anti-collision Maneuver Board system. According to Littlefield, this technology significantly reduces the opportunities for human error, provides faster calculations and has the ability to track several times the number of ships thereby eliminating collisions.

Pipeline is also commercializing other technologies, including an innovative roadside bomb jammer that allows friendly communications on the same frequency that is actively being jammed.

Pipeline Communications and technology, Inc., a Hawai‘i-based high-tech company, is currently located at Ma¯noa Innovation Center. “We have an incredible group of engineers and managers, with degrees from MIT, Stanford, UH Ma¯noa and UC Santa Barbara,” says Littlefield. “Our goal is to commercialize the technology for dual-use, in both defense and civilian sectors and continue to seek novel and enduring solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems.”
Pipeline has received $558,000 in government research and development funding, and other funding from UPSIDE and the Research Corporation University of Hawai‘i.

Cole Academy - A New Standard of Educational Excellence

Most people thought it was impossible, but in less than 8 months Gina Mangieri opened a childcare center right in the center of historic downtown Honolulu. Inspired by son Cole, Mangieri started The Cole Academy in 2004, a state-of-the-art child development center offering quality care in early childhood education.

Mangieri, like most mothers returning to the work force worried about the lack of quality childcare. “I’ve always focused on my career, but felt enormous guilt about leaving my child in anything but the best of hands,” says Mangieri. “I wanted a center that provided individualized attention and academics as well as social and artistic development.”

The Cole Academy features exquisite surroundings, art and music facilities and low student-to-teacher ratio. The facilities also feature infrared automatic faucets and safety features throughout. For those that worry about its location, the facilities are equipped with high-tech security, including biometric fingerprint access control and digital video survelliance.

Yet, what surprises most visitors is not the level of security or beautiful surroundings, but its friendly and professional staff, and the happy and playful children.

The response for The Cole Academy has been so great that Mangieri has opened a second site in West Oahu at Kunia Shopping Center. An East Oahu site is slated to open in spring 2006 in Kaimuki. Each site will house approximately 100 children and offer the same features as the downtown site.

With son Cole fully adapted at the Academy and with the assistance of a full managerial staff to run her schools, Mangieri can concentrate on her career. “My business is unique because it is not my full-time job,” explains Mangieri. “These schools fulfill a need I have as a mom and allow me to focus on my journalism career without worrying about the care and development of my child. The best thing I can do for my company is not to look at it as an owner, but as their toughest customer.”

Greater Good Radio - Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Conversation with Evan Leong (EMBA ’05) takes on a life of its own. He will enthrall you in thought and excite you with more ideas than you can comprehend. Leong is one of the number of growing entrepreneurs that have discovered a way to make a difference in his community and tie it into business. Greater Good Radio program provides professional and personal advice to listeners in Hawai‘i and around the world.

Located on SportRadio 1420AM in Hawai‘i, Greater Good Radio uses the knowledge and first-hand experiences of successful business people and entrepreneurs as a tool to encourage social entrepreneurship. Through an hour-long interview, business professionals share their secrets of success, community involvement, and inspirational thoughts to audiences.
Each radio show is recorded and distributed through internet podcasting, internet streaming, print media and transcriptions. Since its inception in September, more than 40,000 recorded interviews have been downloaded.

Leong is absolutely convinced that this social and business model can help change the way businesses are developed in the world. “I want to show that people can be successful and help people at the same time,” says Leong. “Profits from Greater Good Radio will help fund The Kokua Project. “This project is designed to create additional revenue for business education in our schools and instill a sense of social purpose in aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Admittedly, Littlefield, Mangieri and Leong all know there’s a level of risk involved when trying something different. Each started with a business plan, acquired funding and launched their companies within a year with no hesitations. Quoting Chinese philosopher Confucius, Evan Leong said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. That step has just been made.”

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