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  Hoku’s, Pacific Century Fellows, Honolulu City and County 100 Centennial

Filed under: Evan's Journal — admin - July 18, 2005 @ 2:08 pm

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Pacific Century Fellows
Honolulu City and County 100 Centennial

Okay I am recording this thing over, it’s July 17th, Sunday, I guess my finger was on the pause so, it’s kind of ridiculous but anyway, we just came back from eating brunch at Hoku’s restaurant in Kahala Mandarin Hotel. We had the platinum card so that thing was 50% off which was good because total bill came out to about 100 bucks. Anyway, the buffet was really good had a lot of different sushis and chocolate fountain where you could dip into fruits and all types of cookies and candies and then there is some vegetables which I figure I don’t want to eat any; and then also quite a bit of breakfast items that you could choose from, anything from special French toast made out of Portuguese sweet bread to you know steamed fish, steamed fresh fish and I had the king crab omelet.

And now we are leaving — actually we left there a little while ago. We just left the house of the Unofficial Mayor of Chinatown Sunny Wong, his name is Sun Hung Wong but we call him Sunny. And Sunny is doing my recommendation for the Pacific Century fellows and Pacific Century fellows is a program run by Mayor Mufi Hannemann modeled after the White House fellows. The White House fellows I guess is for top scholars or I don’t really even know how you get there but they meet all the bigwigs in Washington DC and see issues from top level and basically get the network and hobnob with all the big timers. And I guess that’s the, kind of, the jest of the Pacific Century fellows but it’s for Hawaii; and that’s a program that I am applying for now. Interesting thing about Pacific Century fellows is I believe they meet, they want to find out about how the military interacts with Hawaii. So, they meet with the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet and talk personally with him and the people involved with the program typically are the young up and comers or the movers and shakers. So, it’s a really good chance to network and I really want to get in that program.

Just so happened that as I was talking to Sunny, he is also on the board of — or the committee I guess, for the city centennial which is the hundred year anniversary of the City and County of Honolulu and they are doing different celebrations and awards and come to find out they are doing — the city’s one hundred most outstanding individuals and we were talking about it a little bit and come to find out that he wanted to have Hiram Fong be one of these, and Hiram Fong is the first Asian Senator ever and just a rags to riches story, went from absolute nothing to serious multi millionaire and political figure. And just so happens that we are also working on his memorial, his website which should up by the end of August or so. We are trying to time it with the one year anniversary of his passing and it’s weird how all of these things start coming together. So now I am in the process of getting the information from my aunt and she is going to work and have Senator Hiram Fong also be on this centennial one hundred most outstanding people. And then, he also mentioned to me if I could find information on Hung Wo Ching who started the Aloha Airlines and a number of other ventures here in town. KJ Luke, who started the Hawaii National Bank as well as a ton of other ventures and Chin Wo who was pretty much what they call the Horatio Alger of Hawaii became a real state developer and developed the Ilikai hotel amongst other things and we are going to work on getting the information for these guys so we can get it out to the public and have them as — in the top one hundred for the city. So, that should be really interesting. Anyway, I am getting little bit tired so I am going to logoff this thing for now and check back with you guys later.

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