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  NAOMI HAZELTON and JAMIE GIAMBRONE - Owners and publishers of Pacific Edge Magazine

Filed under: Greater Good Radio, Young entrepreneurs, Women leaders, Startups, Social entrepreneurs, Life after military — jayr - August 19, 2006 @ 10:00 am

NAOMI HAZELTON and JAMIE GIAMBRONE - Owners and publishers of Pacific Edge Magazine

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Without capital or financial backing, Naomi Hazelton and Jamie Giambrone were able to put together Pacific Edge Magazine, using only their ability to establish rapport and build thriving relationships with their sponsors and contributors.

Their interpersonal skills were backed by their passion and enthusiasm, and ultimately, their drive to realize a dream. These factors all contribute to the success of their business magazine, focusing on young professionals aged 22-39 years—a demographic group that no other Hawaiian publication has ever touched base on.

Greater Good Radio puts on air and online, couples Naomi and Jamie with their story of how they pieced their entrepreneurial puzzle together. Hear more as Naomi talks about the value of relationship in business and why connection with other people needs to be fostered, while Jamie tells us the challenges they have faced with Pacific Edge being their first try on publishing.

Listen to the after show—one of Greater Good Radio’s longer running episodes—as our hosts and guests do a role-play on Naomi’s relationship-building approach with prospective sponsors. Additionally, this chapter offers us insights on the similarities of Greater Good Radio and Pacific Edge Magazine’s mission for the community albeit using a different medium.

Also, Naomi talks about how important information is and the media’s corresponding significance as mass communicator. Listen now and don’t miss out on this exclusive couple-to-couple interview and the wonderful chemistry they have set for us on air.

Naomi Hazelton was born in Sausalito CA, and moved to the island of Kauai at age 8. She attended Kauai High School and after high school hours she would attend the Kauai Performing Arts School until late in the afternoon early evening. She went on to attend the University of San Diego. It was at USD that she obtained her BA in Mass Media Communications with a minor in Business Administration. She returned home to Kauai and started up a business delivering and exporting fresh flower arrangements and tropical leis. The Aloha Lei Company also had several lei stands throughout various restaurants on Kauai. Her first client was Bell South.

She was offered a position at the Garden Island Newspaper as a freelance writer. Her features were published weekly and she wrote about new and established businesses on Kauai. Her freelance work as a writer took her to H&S Publishing. It was there that she wrote about various articles pertaining to lifestyle and culture. She wrote for the Kauai Magazine, Big Island Data Book, Kauai Data Book, and others. She left Kauai at age 24 after running for Miss Kauai, and started school at HPU to obtain her Masters in Corporate Communications. While attending graduate school she started her own media rep firm where she acted as a consultant for visitor magazines. She partnered with the I.Q. card on Maui and brought it into fruition on Kauai. She also worked with Travel Graphics, Media-Hi, Elite Traveler Magazine and Oahu Visitor Magazine, which she helped launch from infancy. She was granted the PBN’s Forty under 40 award at age 28 while still in school and working with a start up company that developed virtual tours and online maps.

Currently she is the Publisher and founder of Pacific Edge Magazine. She still runs the Aloha Lei Company and works side by side with her fiancé Jamie Giambrone. She is involved in the Waikiki Rotary Club, Business Networking International, and various other clubs and organizations.

She loves to surf, swim, travel, network, and spend time with family and friends. She enjoys entertaining and has traveled to many parts of the world. Her motto is: what does it profit a man to own the whole world but loose his soul. This was told to her by one of her best friends: her father.

Pacific Edge Magazine

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