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  RAYNETTE TINAY - President and Chief Executive Officer of C&J Telecommunications, Inc.

Filed under: Shows, Greater Good Radio, Women leaders — jayr - March 22, 2008 @ 10:00 am

RAYNETTE TINAY - President and Chief Executive Officer of C&J Telecommunications, Inc.

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Raynette Tinay is president and chief executive officer of C&J Telecommunications, Inc. Raynette runs and operates the largest call center in Hawaii. She fulfills her double bottom line by providing pro bono call center service to non-profit organizations, which have included Easter Seals Hawaii and Abilities Unlimited to help them in their fundraising efforts.

Despite only reaching the 7th grade, Raynette has strived to learn about the various aspects of life and living. She has gathered inspiration from her family and close friends to become a successful businesswoman and community leader.

Without proper academic edification, Raynette has used the next available resources to educate herself—personal and others’ experiences. This Greater Good Radio reveals how she has learned substantial amount of lessons from her children’s education.

“By reading my son’s musical notes, I taught myself how to play the piano,” Raynette says. “I benefited a lot from my children’s education, just by the simplest things.”

In this interview, we get reacquainted about facing adversity head on and not giving up when the situation seems unforgiving. Raynette Tinay has lived a life many of us could only gather from the news and she shares her experience with us so we would learn and realize that sometimes there are people in more dire situations than us.

Listen to this interview and know more about the importance of education and family, facing trials, getting up from a fall, and a whole gamut of life lessons that can surely help us in our day-to-day struggles.

Raynette Tinay is the President and CEO of C&J Telecommunications, Inc. and its’ 2 dbas, Paradise Baskets and Bobalicious.

Raynette’s education is 7th grade at King Intermediate School in Kaneohe. Leaving school due to unpleasant and abusive conditions at home, she is self taught in every area of her life. Getting married and having children at a young age, she had then dedicated her life to her household and family.

Then, at the age of 29, when her youngest child was 10, she decided that there must be more than cleaning and taking care of her children. She was missing something! That something was personal growth!

So….she applied for a job, at what was then, GTE Directories. On the condition that she gets her GED, she was hired. She worked full time, took care of her family and went to night school. After three months she received her GED from Aiea High School. The transition from “home work” to “work work” was difficult in the beginning. The balancing act was quite stressful.

After working for GTE for 5 years, in 1990, she accepted a position at C&J Telecommunications, Inc. as Administrative Manager.

Today, with the help of her children, Raynette owns and operates the largest Call Center in Hawaii. C&J has diversified itself to become a full service “service”. For instance, answering the phone for a physician, taking messages and making appointments, all the way to billing the insurance companies for that appointment. Diversification has been a theme at C&J and that in itself is both challenging and exciting.

Working with her children has afforded her the ability to venture out and offer pro bono Call Center and Fulfillment Services for Easter Seals Hawaii and Abilities Unlimited in their fundraising efforts. These 2 particular organizations hold a dear part in Raynette’s heart as her brother was an Easter Seals beneficiary.

Raynette is married, the mother of 4 and the grandmother of soon to be 11!


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