Radio Show Focuses on Greater Good

Radio show focuses on greater good
by Jay Chrisman
Ka Leo Editor in Chief
August 30, 2005

Giving back to the community and the University of Hawai‘i is the focus of Greater Good Radio Hawai‘i. GGRH, founded by Evan Leong, will feature successful entrepreneurs from Hawai‘i who have incorporated a social mission into their business model.

GGRH will debut at 10 a.m. on KKEA 1420 AM, right before the UH versus University of Southern California pre-game football program.

“It sounds like a really cool idea,” master’s student in American Studies Tina Rutsch said. “Anytime someone starts a community endeavor, that’s awesome. Then, not only does the show give back to the community, but it features business leaders who do so, as well.”

Adam Wong, one of the two guests for the debut show, is the owner of Hawaii’s Great Harvest Bread Company franchises. Wong will discuss his decision to donate free products to local nonprofit organizations for fundraising, using money that he would have spent on marketing.

“The second location he opened downtown had the highest grossing first day of any Great Harvest location in the nation, and he didn’t spend anything on advertising,” Leong said. “He can correlate how much he gives out [to nonprofit organizations] with his profit margin.”

The second guest to be featured on the debut show will be Kent Untermann, former UH alumni and football player and owner of Pictures Plus. Unterman will discuss his business model, which includes an initiative to support any non-profit organization in which any of his 130 employees are involved.

“Without having heard the show, it sounds like an intriguing idea,” Meteorology Department Chairman Tom Schroeder said. “The proof is in the execution.”

Leong is not only interested in providing an outlet for socially pro-active entrepreneurs, he also plans to use any profits from GGRH to support his Kokua Project.

The Kokua Project will provide hands-on experience for UH students by creating a restaurant where students do everything, from creating the menu to marketing and business management.

Leong did not always incorporate community involvement in his business plans.

“I thought business was all about conquering, strategy and execution and your community involvement was something done separately,” Leong said.

Then, according to the GGRH press release, Leong met Duane Kurisu, a successful Hawai‘i business leader and former UH Regent. Kurisu explained two secrets to him. The first secret was leverage using investment. The second was that he doesn’t do any business venture unless it helps out the community.

More information about GGRH and The Kokua Project are available at

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