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Bringing Listeners Up Close and Personal with Top Business People

Honolulu, Hawaii – Greater Good Radio Hawaii (GGRH) is the latest entrepreneurial venture of a successful local couple, Evan and Kari Leong. GGRH is a radio program which features candid interviews with entrepreneurs that have successfully incorporated a social mission into their business model. The Leongs serve as the hosts of the show, which will launch Saturday, September 3, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. on KKEA 1420 AM. The first show will consist of interviews with Kent Untermann, Owner and President of Pictures Plus and Adam Wong, Owner and President of Great Harvest Bread Company.

The main objective of GGRH is to close the gap that exists between for-profit and non-profit companies. GGRH will encourage for-profit companies to develop a social mission- one that fits in with their corporate objectives and business model. For non-profit organizations, GGRH will stimulate entrepreneurial thinking, and more specifically how to create a viable and sustainable business model to support their social mission. GGRH’s overall message is that businesses can make money and make a difference in the community at the same time.

“We want to provide as many resources as possible for people to live passionate and fulfilling lives,” said Evan Leong, co-founder and host of GGRH. “We are essentially providing an all-access pass into the minds of well-respected and trusted business leaders in Hawaii.”

During his interview, famous musical composer and part-time Hawaii resident, Mike Post said, “If you do what you’re passionate about, you’ll never spend a day working.” Adds co-founder and host Kari Leong, “This quote is only a morsel of the interview with Mr. Post. He shared many of his own intimate experiences in both his personal and professional life.”

While the radio show is recorded and produced in Hawaii, it has a worldwide reach. Interviews will be distributed via AM radio, internet podcasting, live internet streaming, print media and transcriptions. In the future they expect books, audio compilations and maybe satellite radio. This widespread approach has the potential to expose Hawaii entrepreneurs and their values to the world. Another benefit of the technology used by GGRH is the archival solution to have the interviews on file infinitely.

Evan Leong is absolutely convinced that Hawaii can be the social and business model for the rest of the world. He says, “Our long term goal is to change the way the world views business. We want to show that people can do well and do good all at the same time. We CAN make a difference.”

About Greater Good Radio Hawaii
Greater Good Radio Hawaii provides sound professional and personal advice to listeners around the world. Greater Good Radio Hawaii uses the knowledge and first-hand experiences of its interviewees—successful business people and entrepreneurs—as a tool to encourage social entrepreneurship. Through hour-long interviews, these well-respected business people share their secrets of success as well as how their community involvement was crucial to their success. Greater Good Radio Hawaii encourages community involvement by inspiring new leaders to take a socially conscious effort in implementing new initiatives and ventures.

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