Greater Good Appeals To Sight and Sound

More than a year after the launch of their highly acclaimed community and business-oriented radio show, Greater Good Radio, Evan and Kari Leong have taken their mission up another level with much more in store for their growing audience in Hawaii and around the world. In January 2007, the much-awarded entrepreneurial couple launched Greater Good Television on KGMB9.

Greater Good TV boosts the Leong’s mission of generating awareness about social entrepreneurship and servant leadership, and help small businesses locally, regionally and globally to improve performance through the incorporation of charitable giving in to their core philosophies. Evan and Kari hope to establish an even more steadfast following through the aural and visual appeal of television, bringing the audience even closer to the true-to-life stories and personal insights of today’s greatest leaders.

Since its inception in September 2005, Greater Good Radio has garnered thousands of listeners in the islands and overseas through more than 100 hours of interviews available at In one year, Greater Good Radio has attracted listeners from 92 countries, received roughly 11 million hits, 250 thousand visitor sessions, 110 thousand downloads of audio and 600 thousand page views.

With Greater Good Television and its Internet platform,, the couple rides a new wave of opportunities to bring the public up close and personal with top professionals, and community and business leaders.

Audience and guests alike attest to the value that the Greater Good shows bring to the community. Through the interviews, Kari and Evan are able to draw out stories of experiences, situations, challenges, solutions and philosophies that have made each individual who they have become. Through stories and examples, listeners and the viewing public are able to gain ideas of how to change their thinking, improve their leadership style and incorporate programs to encourage their top level and executive management to get involved in the community at large.

According to Arizona serial entrepreneur and avid Greater Good patron, Joe Higgins, “the more I listen to the shows the more insight I pick up on myself and my role as an entrepreneur in my community.”

“What your interviews do for me is put into words, many of the ideals and journeys I too go through.”

Meanwhile, founder of Vantage Counsel and one of Greater Good’s guests, Greg Kim, says, “Greater Good Radio helps create forward momentum within the social entrepreneurship sector.”

“Life is not all about making money, and the more people realize that they can make a positive difference in the community, whether as a business person, nonprofit person, volunteer or philanthropist, the closer knit and better off we will be as a community,” he adds.

In their interview shows, Evan and Kari explore the deep well of business knowledge, delving particularly into the community-oriented actions of local business leaders. Through Greater Good Radio and Television, Evan and Kari share hard-earned and competitive business knowledge with aspiring young leaders.

Watch Greater Good Television every Saturday at 4.30pm on KGMB9.

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