“I think what you do is unique and extremely valuable to our community. People starting their careers are often so wrapped up in day to day issues and usually do not have a lot of spare cash, often forget about giving back to their community. It is never too early to start the process. Your vision and commitment can help instill in all of us the need to parcel out some time from our busy schedules to think of and support those less fortunate.”


Barry Weinman

Chairman, Dragon Bridge Capital Merchant Bank

Managing Director, Allegis Capital

“Often times, as business owners, we are so immersed in the day to day operations of not only our businesses, but also our lives, that we do not have the opportunity to sit back and reflect on all the experiences, people, and ideas that brought us to this point in time. Being on your show allowed me to do that.  


Those reflections merged with my current goals have honestly made it easier for me as I plan for the future of Great Harvest. Thanks. It’s also humbling to think that someone out there may have been able to learn something from my experiences in business, but if that’s the case, then I’m happy to be able to help, and thankful to you and your company for allowing be to be a part of it.”


Adam Wong

Owner of Great Harvest Bread Company

“Evan’s dedication to GGR has the potential to create an incredible resource for Hawaii that has never been done before: a permanent archive of local business knowledge that will inspire entreprenuers for years to come. Because it’s digital and is permanently stored online, it also has the potential to inspire entrepreneurs for generations to come.


GGR’s message of “Social Entrepreneuring” gives the show a fundamentally holistic grounding. It’s not a “how to be a millionaire” type of program but rather conveys a “how helping others has made me successful” approach. To me, this puts his show a cut above the rest.


With the opportunity to influence new generations of Hawaii entrepreneurs using a positive message that implies giving back to the community, it’s not an issue of if you support GGR but only a matter of figuring out how you will become a part of the movement. Join us!”


Peter Kay

Titan Key Software


“To Whom It May Concern,


Evan Leong has created Greater Good Radio. I have always wondered why the media could not create something positive and stimulating to deliver to the listeners. Something that talked about great entrepreneurial success stories, where hard work turned into success.


Evan is attempting to help the community and Universities to stimulate Entrepreneurship, through examples of giving back to the community, via interviews with local business people. He has put all his own money into the venture and is “leading by example”. I was very moved by Evan’s passion for his idea and think it is great for the entire community. Additionally Hawaii has always been known as “anti” business. If anyone can do this Evan can, but it will take the support of other business people and eventually a sponsor that will allow the platform to grow.


Please do anything you possibly can to support Evan in his dream to create a platform for other people to learn from. What I like best about Evan’s dream is it is centered on experiences being shared by local business people and eventually working with the Universities to allow the students to actually gain experience through business.


Evan is taking a large risk to take the lead to grow business people in Hawaii. Something even the local government could learn a lot about. Let’s just do all we can to support him.”


Kent Untermann

Owner of Pictures Plus



“Greater Good Radio is providing a compelling service to the community by sharing the stories of social entrepreneurship and enterprise. Life is not all about making money, and the more people realize that they can make a positive difference in the community, whether as a business person, nonprofit person, volunteer or philanthropist, the closer knit and better off we will be as a community. By focusing on social issues and needs, and highlighting entrepreneurship as a means of aiming high and solving big problems, Greater Good Radio helps create forward momentum within the social entrepreneurship sector.


We all know that Hawaii is a special place, and part of what makes it special is the unique family and community values we share. Greater Good Radio helps spread the word of the good work of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making positive change in our community, and its messages can capture the imagination of Hawaii people, and have a ripple effect within Hawaii and ultimately throughout the world.”


Greg Kim

Founder of Vantage Counsel


"As a professional in the global media industry with over 20 years of experience in Hollywood and a "local boy" raised in Hawaii, I was delighted to be asked by Evan Leong to be interviewed on his Greater Good Radio program. His questions and our ensuing discussion impressed me with their depth and understanding of how Hawaii needs to embrace its history and sense of community in order to build a better future for our keiki.

As a venue for ideas and the sharing of real world experiences from community-minded business leaders, Evan’s show is an excellent forum for audiences from Hawaii and beyond to learn that entrepreneurship only prospers when all of us contribute to our society. I thank Evan for the opportunity to provide some of my perspectives on where I hope our state is going and I look forward to listening to future episodes of Greater Good Radio.”

Chris Lee
Producer and Chairman, Academy for Creative Media, University of Hawaii

President of Legendary Pictures and former President of Tristar Pictures and Columbia Pictures


“I enjoyed my experience thoroughly, and hope I can help in the future.”


Nicholas Mitsakos

Founder of MKS Ventures, COB Nayna International, Board member of Hawaii Biotech


“My interview with Evan and Kari on Greater Good Radio was my first radio interview and it was a blast. The questions are thought provoking and I think listeners will be able to derive some real benefit from the dialogue. Talking about business is actually fun for me, but even more meaningful is the discussion on philanthropy and how important it is to support the community which supports your business.


I highly recommend the interview experience at Greater Good Radio. Definitely fun, no doubt informative, but most important is the concept of helping others.”


BJ Kobayashi

Kobayashi Group, LLC


“Being in the technology industry I know that it’s rare to find a website with the right blend of great content, functionality, and ease of use…and Greater Good Radio definitely has that perfect blend! I was immediately hooked from the first click of the mouse and I now find myself regularly returning back for more. The site is very well designed – extremely user-friendly and very intuitive to use. From my very first visit, I found myself navigating through the site with ease. Of course this is all secondary to informative and useful content, which I find the Greater Good Radio delivering show after show. Intriguing people from all walks of life who found success in their own way, sharing their story, wisdom, and lessons learned. It’s a site that everyone from students, to budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business people can all enjoy, learn, and benefit from.


The Greater Good Radio is definitely on top of my "favorites" list. Check it out!”


Anthony Chong

Former CEO of iNets, Corp


“I listened to the shows featuring Kent and Adam. I really enjoyed more to the point I got two things out of them:


I thought Kent’s grandmother’s quote: "Well bought is half sold" was a fine pearl of wisdom!

And Adam’s concept of thinking of "community contribution" as an advertising expense was right on as well!

I think your wife (She’s your wife right?) is a terrific addition to the show, because she asks "open questions" that perhaps a trained business professional might not think of and which result in interesting and I think more "intimate/personal" interviews…

I really do think your niche is very well suited to the market, because I think success online particularly for smaller enterprises will increasingly be a function of "cooperation" and "competition".

OH…..sound quality is SUPERB hats off to your "bread munching" sound engineer ;-)”




“GreaterGoodRadio provides listeners like me access to the lives and minds of successful people in our community. The GGR Aftershows, where the interviews get more personal, are especially memorable and worth listening to.


GGR continues to inspire and remind me that life is worth taking a chance on. The community focus of the program also reminds me that success and joy are multiplied when it is shared with others.


This is one of my favorite talk programs on the radio and on the web.
Thank you for putting this together!”

-Jonagustine Lim


“The mission of GGR is a mission that we need to embark on together. The marriage of successful business practices and successful community support is something we can all embrace enthusiastically. Evan and Kari are stepping out to help motivate all of us to make Hawaii a better place.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation (it didn’t feel like an “interview”) with them. It led me to rethink where I have been in my career and to evaluate where I need to go and to grow. I hope my participation in Evan and Kari’s show can in some small or big way lead others to do more and to do the “right thing”. If anyone is out there that feels strongly about our community, please don’t hesitate, step up to the microphone and join in the conversation!”

Jeff Arce

Partner – CFO

The MacNaughton Group


Greater Good Radio is truly the realization of a vision and a perfect place for successful entrepreneurs to showcase their experiences and provide inspiration for other business professionals to create new ventures.

I found the interview with Mike Post and John de Mello full of interesting and valuable insights about Music Production.

Wayne Takamine


University of Hawaii Music Department


“My Greater Good Radio interview with Kari and Evan was fun and I found the questions very salient. Even though I have an insanely busy schedule I wanted to make the time to participate and hopefully inspire others. The show gave me the ability to reflect on where I started and how much we as a company have accomplished in the past years. Through the company’s success, I have been able to give back to our community and help to enhance the lives of others. It is important for communities and businesses to work as partners because in the end everyone will succeed. Everyone should join in and participate if they can. Best of luck to you guys at Greater Good Radio.”

Josh Feldman

President and CEO

Tori Richard, Ltd.


“Greater Good Radio, Evan and Kari Leong, have uncovered a niche of illuminating business people in Hawaii that offer a rare behind-the-scenes look into their respective businesses and community ideals. When I was asked to be interviewed I was extremely impressed with the quality of Greater Good Radio’s web-page and past audio interviews, I learned a lot.

I would encourage anyone contemplating the radio experience to refer to the GGR page listen to past interviewees and think about how these interviews can assist people in the community as an inspirational message.

The experience is a must-do, informative, fun and with the best of intentions.

Congratulations Evan and Kari on creating a unique show with lots of aloha.”


Jon McManus

Managing Partner

Bay West Equities


“Great Show and concept! I am pro social entrepreneurship. Hope we can meet someday.”


Dr. Marlon Rimando

Pacific Health and Fitness Consultants


“I wanted to thank you for greatergoodradio.com. The information you share and speakers you feature are important to the Hawaii business community and provide people like me good insight to what people like Duane Kurisu and BJ Kobayashi have done to achieve success. Your information has helped me guide our business Energy Industries to new heights. I founded EI in Hilo Hawaii in 1994 but since then grew the company to include offices in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California, Texas, New York, Hong Kong and Guam. We continue to remain a Hawaii Based company in-light of opportunities to expand elsewhere and I believe the Aloha spirit and the “hard work ethic” people from Hawaii is a key to our business. We focus on helping other businesses save money by controlling their energy costs via our advisory, engineering, controls and product services. We also help the environment by reducing atmospheric pollution and help the utilities like HECO reduce their system load avoiding things like brown outs and forced conservation as was covered in yesterday’s PBN headline. To date we have saved millions of dollars in energy efficiencies and conservation and continue expansion. Since our establishment, we have won SBA Service Firm of the year, and I have won the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Hawaii, California, Arizona and Nevada. Today we also own companies focusing on energy efficiency financing, power generation for Hawaii’s sustainable future and an alternative fuel company to help diversify Hawaii’s dependence on oil.

I think the bottom line is the guests you feature inspire me. They continue motivate me to achieve more for EI and take our businesses into the next realm of businesses. We seek to set the new standard. Please know that your tag line of “developing tomorrow’s leaders” has hit home with me and I wish you the best continued success. Thank you.

Keep up the great work. I download your podcast weekly (or when updated) and listen when I’m in flight or driving across the country. I really enjoy your candor in Evan’s Journal on the daily issues that challenge business people (such as following up).

You’ll also be interested to learn how I found out about your podcast. A friend of mine originally from Hawaii, Justin Yoshimura, is a partner in Portland Design firm Ziran Creative and is connected to the technology industry. They’ve been active in the podcasting industry for a while and he was scouring the web one day and came across your podcast on Itunes. He called me and told me to check it out because he thought it was by and about Hawaii business people. He felt I needed to be on your show but I wanted to to make sure it was something we wanted to be represented on. Obviously you got my previous email and know how much I enjoy your work and mission. Justin has since been promoting your site and podcast to his industry peers across the country. Your message is out there and you’re impacting the lives of people far beyond Hawaii. It’s awesome.”

Darren Kimura

President and CEO

Energy Industries


“What an experience. Greater Good Radio is feeding its listeners food for thought…it also gave me some things to think about and reflect on for my business. Through the experience of talking about how my company started to where it is now, it reminded me of the ups and downs of business. The questions were thought provoking. I had a chance to listen to other shows and have been able to take some ideas and have a new perspective to life and business. Christine Camp Friedman seems to have come from a similar background and it was nice to relate to another immigrant who had the chance to succeed in Hawaii. I believe that anyone fortunate enough to be blessed with success should take the time to give back. Your show helps us do that. Thank you for the experience.”

Eddie Flores

President and CEO of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue


“Our company had always done pro bono work for various clients. For example, we built a website for G.A.I.N. (Guam Animals in Need) and we also built a site for the now defunct Gift of Life (Blood donation group on Guam) but we never actually structured it into our business plan. When we moved the company to Hawaii, we did personal work as a foster family with the Hawaii Dog Foundation and expected that we’d find a group to assist with web work as we’d done on Guam.

But after the meeting at Kaakako Park where you spoke about social entrepreneurship, we talked at length about maybe the missing ingredient in our business strategy was something like what you shared

– where everything we did could benefit the community in a tangible way. And, it could also bring our clients into the circle as well and benefit them too. Erik came up with the idea of “Everybody Eats” and we approached the Hawaii Foodbank. To make a long story short, the program involves our website, HawaiiDiner.com, the restaurant subscribers to the site, the dining patrons, the Foodbank and the hungry in our island ohana. Restaurants subscribe to the website and 25% of their subscription fee is donated directly by them to the HFB and they can take a tax deduction. The socially conscious consumer can choose to patronize an “Everybody Eats” participating restaurant. Even though the amount donated monthly by each restaurant is not large, a single dollar translates into $20 worth of food. And that makes a real difference in the lives of those living in food-insecure households in Hawaii.

As you know, it has been a challenge to gather restaurant subscribers for the site and though we had acquired some very good restaurants before launching the EE program, since we rolled it out in mid-October, we have added twice as many restaurants in a single month than in the previous three months. And, many of our existing restaurant subscribers were happy to sign on to the program as well.”

Gail Jennings

President and CEO of HawaiiDiner.com


“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed your interviews. Very interesting.”

Creighton K. Liu

Kaiser Permanente


“Evan and Kari Leong’s creation of Greater Good Radio is a breath of “Fresh Air” on Hawaii’s air-waves that has been long overdue. Finally, someone has created a platform from which local Entrepreneurs and Business people can share their success stories and also their struggles/challenges facing them and their business’ on a daily basis

“Success” can be defined in many ways and it’s wonderful to know that there are many influential individuals in Hawaii that share the same belief that it’s not about the “buck”…it’s about making a difference in people’s lives and helping one another that really counts at the end-of-the-day. So many of us in this ‘hustle-n-bustle’ society that we live in today forget to count their blessings (as big or small as they may be, at least we have some…). When people around the world, and so many people just here in Hawaii, need OUR help—we NEED to HELP in whatever way we can.

Greater Good Radio allows us to educate and stimulate the next generation into moving beyond the “What’s In It For ME????” syndrome. Instead, thinking and stretching outside their ‘Comfort Zone’ and really stepping-up to the plate—at least trying to make a difference. That’s all we can ask for, right? The opportunity and motivation to get up and do something “GOOD”. We can ALL make a difference…Let’s Do It!

Lane Muraoka

President and CEO of Big City Diner


“The Greater Good Radio program provides a different perspective on entrepreneurship and business. It incorporates a very broad range of topics, including the social and community contributions made by today’s entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the fact that Evan and Kari are taking the time to share these different perspectives with their listeners. In the process, Evan and Kari are able to keep the discussion interesting and humorous, making the experience and show all the more enjoyable.”

Dustin Shindo

Chairman and CEO of Hoku Scientific (Nasdaq: HOKU)


“Dear Evan and Kari,

Thanks for having me on your show. It was a pleasure being in the presence of such positive and professional people. I highly recommend others to participate in the wonderful experience of being on your show. It was really great having so much time to share my beliefs and view points. Thanks a bunch and best wishes to you and your family for the holiday season.”

Wally “Famous” Amos

Founder of Chip and Cookie


“I just listened to Mitch D’Olier’s interview… quite insightful. I met him (although very briefly) through the Family Independence Initiative and got a very good vibe from him. Hearing him talk about the challenges and adversity (and how he dealt with it) at Hawaiian Air was inspiring.

I think you and Kari are doing a great service for those of us who made the move back to Hawaii. Every time I listen to one of your interviews, I get re-inspired to keep on keeping on. Thanks!”

Lee Tokuhara

Account Director of Bennet Group


“I thoroughly enjoyed my stint on Greater Good Radio. It proved to be an ideal forum from which to discuss not only my latest book, Flight Capital, but a variety of other social and economic issues that confront Hawaii and the nation. I’d encourage anyone to jump on board–and enjoy the ride.”

David Heenan

Trustee of the Estate of James Campbell and author of “Flight Capital”


“Site looks great, I am listening to The Gina Mangieri interview right now. You have Steve Metter on your intro, nice work, that guy is on it. This looks super cool, good job-“

James Duca

Honolulu Fire Department


“I bought an Apple iPOD last most with the sole intent of finding some business and leadership oriented podcasts with a local Hawaiian island style. I found your site and I am hooked. The “social entrepreneur” nexus is great. Congratulations on all your success!

Keep Up the Great Work – It Really is Appreciated by an Even Larger Audience than You Could Imagine, With Much Aloha,”

Stu Merrill

Executive Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard


“It was an honor to be on the GGR show. Evan and Kari are living examples of what God desires. He gives us gifts and talents and he expects a return on his investment(ROI). Our blessings come from living a life pleasing to Him and providing a satisfactory return for Him. His view of ROI comes from the changed lives of people, and this can only take place if our focus is on sharing His blessings with others. God tunes in to GGR and I am sure is smiling when He hears what is taking place. Your sharing may change one persons’ life…can you refuse??”

Jimmy Yamada (Jr)

President A-1 A-Lectrician, Inc.


“Hats off to you and your team for envisioning and executing on great idea that fosters business and social responsibility. Making money and making a “difference” don’t always go hand in hand. But you have seen to it they do in your forum. Keep up the great work. As you have said, “leverage” is everything and you have leveraged for the greater good! Superb.”

Kevin Sypniewski

President & CEO AssistGuide, Inc.


“I found your website by “mistake” but I did listen to the interview you did with Christine Camp who is a friend of mine! I know her whole family and we are also proud of what she has been doing! I thought that you and Kari did a great job with the interview and asking good questions! I really like the format and concept and the thought process,which is all very positive! Here’s wishing you and Kari and the sucess in the world! ALoha & Mahalo!”

Clayton M. Koseki

President Koseki and Associates


“I enjoyed the afternoon spent with you and Kari on your show. I believe that the service aired by Greater Good Radio is important in encouraging the youth of Hawaii to visualize and strongly attempt to achieve their goals. Your show produces the best in our aloha spirit. My congratulations to you and Kari.”

Andrew Kluger

CEO Hawaii Air Ambulance


“I started my business in September of 2003. I own 3 vending machines. Two of the machines are in Waikiki and one of the machines is downtown (Bishop Street). The vending machines have drinks and snacks.

I am also a teacher (for 16 years). I just happened to catch your broadcast and initially I was not sure of the intent of program, but as I listened each week I began to see that I would like to be part of the “greater good” in our community.

As a teacher I see the need in our community, as well as the potential. The individuals that you have interviewed on your show including you and your wife helped to enlarge my vision about myself and my business.

I was thinking small. So what is the next step? I would like to be involved as far as my business is concerned.”


Michael Stephens


“You’re doing such a great job of promoting this work! (I backed into it through a search on Kent Untermann…)

Maika’i no (outstanding) your work, Evan! I may have some progressive young Kaua`i business leaders to put in touch with you. And, as Prez of the Kapa`a Rotary club next year ’06-’07), I intend to raise the bar in community service for what is arguably one of the most effective nonprofits on our island. Film @ 11. Keep it coming!”

Ken Stokes

Executive Director of the Kauaian Institute, 2006 President of Kapa’a Rotary Club


“I want to thank you for your time and consideration in letting me tell my story. I hope that it will inspire others to reach out and accomplish their dreams as well. Your concept of letting business owners, entrepreneurs, and others to speak to the public on radio is a great asset not only to local businesses but the public at-large as well. If there is anything that I can do to assist you in the future, then please let me know.”

William M. Donohoe

President The Shipping Shack, Inc.


“Greater Good Radio is an excellent resource for the budding young entrepreneur. Being one myself I find the quality of the programming to be more engaging than anything like it out there. I have gotten a lot of useful information on how helping my community in the long run will help your business. Hearing it from the people that make the decisions has definitely given me a better perspective on how to go about these decisions. Also having the chance to meet these individuals has given me great confidence in the over all future in entrepreneurial ventures.”

-Erik Hormann-

President CSU, Chico SIFE

Associated Students CSU, Chico Vice President of Business & Finance


“As a student I believe there is no better resource than Greater Good Radio. Greater Good Radio benefits not only those interested in business but those who are interested in living life to the fullest. Listening to Greater Good Radio is an incredible eye-opener and educational tool and allows you to have a glimpse into the lives of successful individuals. It is empowering, enlightening, and a tool to achieve success.”

Luke Tucker

President Hawaii Pacific University SIFE Team


“You do a great job in interviewing people that’s been through all the ups and downs in Hawaii’s ever changing economy. It’s such a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to listen to your radio program and to absorb what’s being said in the interview. My continued best wishes to you and your team.

Thank you!”

Bert A. Kobayashi

Retired Chairman of Albert C Kobayashi and the Kobayashi Group


“Evan and Kari, I’m a big fan! It seems we are of similar age and business background. Just in the past 2 years I’ve really been getting into the social entreprenuership role as a business leader in Tucson. I find your show very interesting and have taken some of the ideas and implemented in my business.

I own and run 3 start up business with 45 employees. I’ve started them all from scratch and love the thrill of the building and empowering of the people in my life. I too have young children. I work hard at balancing it all! But I firmly believe that to those that much is given much is expected.

Keep up the great show, I love the format, the wide selection of guests from various industries and that there is always a strong focus on how these successful business people are giving back.

You’ve got a fan in Tucson!”

Joe Higgins

CEO of Sports Buzz Haircuts, Talking Trash and Gotta Go Wireless


“It was a delight and a learning experience to be on your show, Greater Good Radio. I felt that you and Kari were very skillful in getting the most out of our time with respect to the audience and the intention of your program. It was a very nonthreatening, nonconfrontational process which was clearly intended to present a balanced but focused exchange between the interviewee and the audience for whom you act as a surrogate. The questions were clear, and I never felt as though I was being sandbagged on any issue.

I would wholeheartedly recommend your program to any other qualified executives who could be of some assistance to your audience. Thanks for allowing me to participate.”

Richard “Dick” Gushman III

CEO DGM Group and OKOA, Inc, Trustee of the Estate of James Campbell


“Just wanted you to know that I’ve had a lot of people over the past weeks say they listened to our show and enjoyed it greatly. You definitely have a following out there!

Most say what they enjoyed was the informality and even irreverence of the show. A lot said they learned a great deal about me that they didn’t know before, especially stuff that’s a little more under the radar for your basic politician. A fair number, for example, commented on my comments on “kill haole day”; they liked that I would reflect on something that’s “not usually talked about”. I guess it’s always a surprise when people figure out that us national leader types are people also and have real-life experiences like everyone else.

So, in answer to your question of too long ago, I really wouldn’t change anything. You seem to have a formula that’s working, that gets your guests to talk about what people don’t usually hear and that people are interested in. Keep it up!

Thanks again for thinking of me. Good luck, and let me know if and how I can help you out in the future.”

Ed Case

U.S. Congressman for the State of Hawaii


“I was unaware of Greater Good Radio until I received a phone call from Evan Leong inviting me to be a participant on one of the programs hosted by him and his wife Kari.

After a bit of website research and actually participating in their program, I have a real appreciation for what the Leongs have created. Their intent is to strengthen our community by encouraging social entrepreneurship and community involvement.

My discussion with Evan and Kari centered primarily on the value of social responsibility and benefits to our community and individual development. It was a worthwhile experience, and I encourage the Leongs to keep promoting this valuable resource.”

Thanks again for thinking of me. Good luck, and let me know if and how I can help you out in the future.”

Larry Johnson

Retired CEO of Bank of Hawaii


“A place like Hawaii can’t afford NOT to have a Greater Good Radio. We are a small, totally interconnected ecosystem which needs to understand our interdependence and reliance on one another..

Evan and Kari…Congratulations on your work to remind and inspire us of how special Hawaii really is.”

Jeffrey N. Watanabe

Partner Watanabe Ing & Komeiji, Chairman of Hawaiian Electric Industries


“Greater Good Radio is unique in the universe of broadcast interviewing. It expands the definition of business to encompass the most profound personal dimensions of its interviewees and embraces the full reach of its community of listeners. Greater Good Radio recognizes the full humanity of every individual and the interconnectedness of each and every one of us. How many interview formats can say that?”

Neil Abercrombie

U.S. Congressman for the State of Hawaii


“I think that Kari and Evan’s project, Greater Good Radio, is a wonderful reminder that accomplishment is not just what we do professionally, but also what we do outside our professions that matter. Many of us become incredibly focused on professional pursuits, particularly early in our careers. However, those who engage with the broader community find a much more fulfilling and enriching experience. An experience that Kari and Evan remind us can enhance our perspectives and personal networks as well – a benefit that is helpful at any point in one’s career.

The interview process itself was professionally managed and was enjoyable.”

John Otterson

Managing Director of SVB Capital