“I love being in charge of my own destiny,” says Carol Ai May, vice president and marketing manager of City Mill.

Carol was born to a business-minded family, and tried to cultivate her entrepreneurial spirit while building a career in advertising after leaving college. She struggled while trying to climb the ranks but learned how to survive in the modern world. She carved a successful career for herself in the advertising industry, but soon enough was asked to consider using her talents in marketing and advertising in the family business, City Mill.

Continuing to build the family business, Carol eventually followed her passion to apply in new businesses and founded Red Box Jewelry, and co-founded Simply Organized.

Carol claims, “I love the entrepreneurial spirit,” and even goes as far as encouraging her own children, who are high-achievers in school, to venture into business rather than take on corporate roles.

Carol sits on the Board of a diverse set of community and social organizations including Child & Family Service, Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, UH Foundation, Parent Council, and University of Hawaii Arts & Science Council.

Exemplifying Carol’s entrepreneurial savvy and community dedication are the number of distinctions bestowed upon her through the years. This includes 2007 Girl Scouts Women of Distinction Honoree, 2005 YWCA Leader Lunch Honoree, and a 2000 Small Business Hawaii Success Story awardee to name a few.

In this interview, Carol shares with us how she manages to juggle her time as mother and breadwinner.

Evan and Kari bring to the Greater Good fold Carol Ai May and her thoughts on female corporate and familial leadership. Listen now and find out how Carol breaks through the glass ceiling, as a woman and child born to a traditional Chinese family-these and more only on Greater Good Radio.

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