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  KEVIN SYPNIEWSKI - Founder and CEO of Assist Guide, Board of Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Hawaii, HiBEAM member

Filed under: Greater Good Radio, Young entrepreneurs, Technology entrepreneurs, Startups, Social entrepreneurs, Aftershows — admin - March 29, 2006 @ 10:00 am

KEVIN SYPNIEWSKI - Founder and CEO of Assist Guide, Board of Entrepreneur's Foundation of Hawaii, HiBEAM member

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Kevin Sypniewski’s AssistGuide is a pioneer in providing long-term care and disability information through the internet. Founded in 1998, the company currently receives more than half a million hits per month with participation of over 400 industry-specific businesses and enlisting 160,000 providers nationwide, making it a leading player in this service realm. AssistGuide ‘connects providers, employers, and governments online to enable consumers to find senior and disability products, services, and support they need’.

Kevin Sypniewski talks about how he has conceptualized AssistGuide and his shift from finance to the Senior & Disability service industry. He also mentions the difficulties currently being faced by long-term care service providers and the positive outlook of the industry pointing to the future needs of the 78 million baby boomers.

“Right now most of us baby boomers are getting that glimpse of what it is like by going through it with our parents.”

Listen to Evan Leong’s 1-on-1 interview with Kevin Sypniewski, board member of several non-profit organizations, as he shares his business formula and how he works with various community-based organizations to provide for the needs of the society.

“Keep your ideas open. Find out what your passion is,” says Sypniewski advising individuals starting their own business ventures.

President & CEO, AssistGuide Inc.

April 1998 - Present: AssistGuide Inc., President & CEO (
AssistGuide provides online business systems for senior & disability businesses and offers an online resource with over 140,000 senior & disability providers nationwide.
1992 - April 1998: UNUM, Manager, State of Hawaii for group benefits and individual disability & long term care. UNUM is one the world leader in Disability & Long Term Care and Special Risk Products.
1988 - 1992: UNUM - Dallas, Texas – Employee Benefits Representative, Dallas/West Texas Territory

Hawaii Long Term Care Association – Board of Directors
Olmstead Committee, State of Hawaii
Catholic Charities, Board of Director
Governor Appointed: Health Planning Council – Windward Oahu 1999-2003
Joint Legislative Committee on Long Term Care 1998
Winners at Work, 1995 - 2002: Board of Directors
Winners at Work is a non-profit training and placement organization for individuals with disabilities and mental challenges.
Joint Legislative Subcommittee on Long-term Residential Care 1998
Finance Resource Group, Hawaii Long Term Care Reform Blue Ribbon Task Force, 1995 – 1998
House Human Services Interim Committee, Long Term Care, Summer 1993
Senior Connections, 1998 – 2000: Co-founder
Senior Connections is a free bi-monthly introduction to computers & the Internet
classes for seniors sponsored by Weinberg’s Kuwili Technology Center and
Hawaii Industry Venture, 1994 - 1997: Board of Directors & a Founding Member
1997 Center for Disease Control’s “Nation’s Best Organization Award” winner.
Hawaii Industry Venture is a business group for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in the workplace.
National League for Nursing, Reimbursement Committee, 1995-96

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Bachelor of Business Administration, May 1988
Finance Major & Advertising Minor


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