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  GGR Treatment

Filed under: Evan's Journal — admin - July 17, 2005 @ 3:16 am

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GGR Treatment
I’m now recording my thoughts.

Man, I don’t know what’s up with this thing here but it was supposed to be recording and I guess it just didn’t record. Today is July 16th, and this is 2005 Saturday and I am recording my thoughts from now on and carrying around this recorder because I tend to almost forget and I think it would be valuable and not just for myself, but for other people to hear how this process is gone.

Anyway we were talking about writing our treatment and the treatment for us is a kind of like a synopsis basically of the show and what we are trying to do people handed out to program directors and to, we plan on giving it out to the — our interviewee so, they understand exactly what we are trying to do here. And they are not surprised and they know that we’re talking of twenty something and thirty something year old business people and so on. But the thing that’s interesting about this is that we have been doing it, we have been meaning to do this treatment for weeks now at the suggestion of our producer and we just haven’t gotten around to it but it seems like every couple days it changes. So, it’s real interesting. I mean when we first started this off, it would have been about archiving, sage wisdom and philosophies or stories and so on, life experiences from older successful people before they pass on. And then it became also adding in younger people because younger entrepreneurs were exciting and people could relate to them since we are all around the same age and their situation is different and then I had a meeting with Dr. Hank Wu, it was actually lunch and we were talking about and he said, you need to come up with something that is kind of like you have to tell him, it’s the something of something else. So, it’s kind of like, the Oprah Winfrey show of this or so and then that way people can make that reference and they understand what we are talking about. So, we said okay, it’s like your own personal advisory board where you can have it on demand and when you want of today’s top business people and we said, wow, that’s a great one, that’s what it’s going to be. And then this last week as we have been doing more interviews, we have come up with, wow this thing is, what it really is, is it is the ability to spend personal time with successful people and learn from their experiences and their philosophies and their little idiosyncrasies and almost they become your mentor. So, if you ever noticed people, you become who you hang out with and that’s pretty evident. And if you hang out with successful people all the time, which is an experiment that we are testing, a hypothesis, we’re testing through this process, you’ll become more successful and that’s kind of what, what it’s become now. So, the evolution of this thing is really, really interesting, it’s real interesting to me at least and I hope that if anyone else is listening to this that it’s interesting to you too.

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