Sponsor, sponsor here we come

Sponsor, sponsor here we come
Credit unions
Duffy and Henk
Expectations and where’s our show?

Evan: Today is August 18, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal coming to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii, upstairs in my office. Okay. Sponsor, sponsor here we come. That’s going to be the mantra of today. We are looking for a sponsor for this show now. Initially, I shared with you folks that we had a program sponsor early on. I think believe maybe it was a few weeks ago and that didn’t go all that well. It had no data, no media kit, nothing. My price was I guess considered high. And then it just didn’t turn out very good. So now that we’ve got some interviews under our belt, I counted and we have something like 14 or 15 or so interviews already done. The web sites about 70% up to speed. Meaning that we need to get the payment processing in there. We need to get some actual audio from these interviews uploaded, which means we need the audio actually done, and you know we’re well on our way. So things seem to be running pretty smooth. We’re pushing really hard to make this and you know we’re working around the clock, so. It’s time that we get a sponsor. I mean it’s okay and all that we’re sponsoring this thing ourselves initially, but it would be much much nicer to have a partner kind of involved with it. And more than anything else, a partner that more or less shares the same social vision and that we can help them with their ROI and if they have a doable bottom line help them that way also. The one of the sponsors I thought of that and it always comes back to financial, it’s either financial institutions or universities or educations that educational institutions that seem to be the perfect match for what we’re talking to or for what the show is really targeted for. Because we are targeting people that want to get more out of life. They’re either trying to improve their business or they’re trying to get into a business and then some may be trying to figure out how to implement community related efforts. They may even be on the non-profit side trying to get entrepreneurial type ideas to add to their business, so. We really want someone that’s going to match with that and I think in terms of financial institution that has a social mission also or an educational institution.

[00:02:33] So what I thought of was credit unions. And credit unions are kind of you know community based financial institutions and the things about credit unions now a days are they are pretty large. I mean some of them are larger than local banks and they have a somewhat decent advertising budget I hear. And I have an in to them. So that’s kind of how we’re going to go with it. I have a family friend who does some work with the credit unions and we had talked about it back and forth. He likes the concept that we have and said that he can make my intros. Which, I’m gonna tell you, if you’re going to you know approach people for things, it’s much easier to go through a warm market intro than not. So some of the time in prep should be spent on who can you contact in order to get that warm market intro. But then it’s also got to be a benefit to them, so. That’s what I was explaining to my friend. That the gist of the show and what we’re doing and how we can benefit the community and how that can create you know a self-fulfilling cycle and so on. So he got pretty excited about it and we’re going to see on that. I’m thinking probably the beginning portion of next week we can maybe get in touch with these people. But then that brings us back to the other thing about where is my actual audio, man. I mean I’ve got 14 or 15 interviews done, but I have no finished shows. So what’s the deal? I don’t know. We’re going to have to figure that out.

[00:04:05] Anyways, another interesting thing is that I was talking to my friend and I find out that his brother works with Henk Rogers and he’s now he used to be in private practice. He’s an attorney and then now he’s working with Henk Rogers, so. So, yeah so it’s a really really small world how this all works out I guess you call it.

[00:04:30] Where is my show? What we’re trying to figure out now is what the expectations are going to be between myself and Kari, the radio station and our producer/engineer because I know that everyone has expectations of each other, but everyone’s expectations of each other are probably different than what the other person things. So what I really need to do is sit down with our engineer and producer and figure out what he’s expecting from me and then what we expect from him and then that way at least we can plan accordingly. So we really haven’t done that yet. We’ve just kinda been going just full blast and rolling forward, but it’s a necessary meeting now. And we’re going to do that on Monday cuz I really want to get a finished show up. I really want to get you guys a finished show so you can hear the same interviews that we’re hearing and get inspired in the same ways that we’re being inspired, so, let’s say a little prayer on that one and hope that it you know it comes through. What else do I have here? Gonna pitch next week for the sponsors. Got the shows coming up. That’s about all I can think of tonight, so short show and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.