Chatt Wright – President of Hawaii Pacific University meeting

Chatt Wright – President of Hawaii Pacific University meeting
Peter Kay of Titan Key Software interview
PR progress
First radio promo

Today is August 25, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal broadcasting live from Honolulu, Hawaii. Tonight we’re going to start off talking about Chatt Wright, who’s the president of Hawaii Pacific University. I had a meeting with him yesterday, and I alloted I believe 45 minutes. I don’t know, he could’ve been in a rush. We started the meeting on time, and then we ended maybe 20 minutes later. I mainly talked to him in regards to a number of issues. One, the show in general and our social mission. Number two, I invited him on to the show to be an interviewee, and then number three I talked to him about putting these business school initiatives in. So, one thing that came up that was interesting is he talked about the issues with accreditation and I guess if you do certain things then it affects your accreditation. So I really didn’t even know that before. I guess we’ll have to consider that as we progress with that project. What else did I talk to him about. It is really interesting to hear Chatt’s global view on what the University is doing and then also on marketing. Because if you ride the you know airplane coming into Hawaii. You look at newspapers, television, radio, they have a lot of marketing and they do a really really good job, so. He talked a little bit about that. Anyways, long story short, he agreed to come on the show. We’re scheduling him for late September and that’s when he comes back from his fishing trip in Alaska.

[00:01:45] The interview that we did yesterday was with Peter Kay of Titan Key Software and Peter is a serial entrepreneur. He’s constantly got things going and going and going. Titan Key Software is a spam software that I guess does not allow spam to even get sent. The interesting thing about this is the patent pending software. He’s had it for a number of years and he did it based on what they call the burger model. And the burger model was build it and then flip it. Meaning that he wanted to patient the software. He had maybe a few clients, and then sell it off, which is the process that he’s gone through and then he’s also in currently. So, interesting he’s got a lot of experience in dealing with venture capital cuz he was going through that for a while. He’s made a lot of inroads with some of the top fesses, namely UH Angels and Hibeam and people involved with that, and he’s looking to sell the company now. I know he’s got another venture going on called I’m not totally sure on the business model for that, but he’s gearing it up to be a venture capital backed deal, and Peter is doing really well. He’s 42 years old. He has a really interesting thing that he talked about which he dubbed The Path and I really think that everyone’s going to get a lot out of that, so, once we get Peter Kay’s interview up to speed and produced and edited and available, I know that you guys will really enjoy that one.

[00:03:10] PR is what we’re looking at doing in terms of advertising here locally, cuz people say “Well, how you going to find people are going to hear about your show?” Well, we have a number of promos within other shows on KKEA, but we’re going to go grass roots and we’re going to hit PR first. So we’re doing the press releases and Leigh Tokohara who’s a friend of mine from the executive MBA program, is helping me out with that, and she’s doing a great job so we’re going to pitch the newspapers first then we’re going to work on the morning shows for a television. Then we’re gonna work on, well we’re working on the magazines at the same time and then I guess we’ll go from there. The PR process is quite interesting because you’re spending a lot more time in crafting a message and then hoping someone will pick it up and then continue, so. We’ll see how that goes. When we did the PR for Bubble Tea Supply, we initially just wrote a one or two page press release and that was just kind of I don’t even remember what we wrote, but we wrote something and ended up getting picked up by the two main local newspapers as well as the two main local business magazines and that gave us a lot of exposure, so hopefully the same thing will happen with this.

[00:04:29] We finally finished our first promo for the radio show. It’s a 30 second spot that will play within other shows so that they’ll listen to ours. It’s a rough take, so it doesn’t have any of the editing. There’s no music dropped in. There’s no there’s nothing has been done to it. Basically Kari and I recorded it to tonight in here. I’m going to give the CD to Michael so he can work on it and get it fixed up to play on the radio, and then I’m going to play it for you right now and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.

[00:05:02] Evan: Kari, what’s the best way to let people know about our new show, Greater Good Radio?

[00:05:06] Kari: Tell them about our guests. Successful entrepreneurs that profit by helping the community.

[00:05:10] Evan: Or how they got started and what makes them successful.

[00:05:13] Kari: Or they can listen themselves to hear how Kent Unterman went from signing with the NFL to the swap meet. Now he owns and runs a $14 million business, Pictures Plus.

[00:5:22] Evan: And how 29 year old Adam Wong did record breaking sales with the Great Harvest Bread Company franchise. Greater Good Radio. Saturday morning, 10:00 am. Or on line at Sponsored by Bubble Tea Supply.