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Today is September 2, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal coming to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii. And today was a wonderful day. Yes it was. I started off the day this morning at about 6:00. I couldn’t sleep. I had to be in downtown by 8:00 so that I could go to the big bank meeting at 8:30. I left here about 7:45 or so thinking that it’s not going to be too bad. Because when there’s no traffic, I can get downtown in roughly 5 minutes. There was a lot of traffic this morning and I was stuck. I got there about 8:15. I ran from the parking lot over to the elevator, and I guess I ran around the long way because another lady who I saw getting in the elevator ended up at the elevator the other elevator the same time and she was walking, so. That was kinda sad. But we went over together to the meeting and I had about 20 minutes or so, and everything went really well. So once everything is squared away and taken care of, I will update everybody and once everything is finalized, then I will make a formal announcement. But other than that I was very positive on today. It seemed to go it went really well. Now it’s just the paperwork, nittygritty stuff before I can announce everything.

[00:01:22] The UH meeting I went to after that was really excellent. Well, let me back up. In between the bank meeting and the UH meeting, I went to the chiropractor again for some more therapy. I got to tell you man, the middle of my back is really sore. It is definitely sore. But I think that maybe this was God’s way of telling me you should be concentrating on working right now and don’t even thing about doing other things with your van. So, I gotta listen and that’s how it goes. The meeting with the University of Hawaii’s marketing department as well as external relations director went really well. We ended up talking for about 2 hours. I mean we were there a long time. And we went through everything from how we can do joint marketing and promotion to sponsorship to all kinds of stuff. So I need to put together a proposal for them and then I thought of a really interesting idea. I said, “You know what? Why don’t we have a contest for your students where the marketing students will come up with a 30 second commercial spot for the University. And we’ll have a contest and the winner will win prizes, let’s say an iPod shuffle, or free coupons to other places or whatever it may be. But they get to win something, and then the winner or winners will come into the studio with us and then record. And then their spot will be played on the radio.” And I thought that that would be an interesting way of doing it. We can also do that with our sponsor and we can do it a number of ways, so it’s a really good way for students to get hands-on experience while gaining credit and actually doing something that’s, you know, going to be worthwhile. Then I thought why not run another contest in terms of PR, where any student that places that gets their press release placed within a major publication will win a prize. So, I don’t know. We’re gonna see. We’ve got to meet with the marketing professor next week along with UH media department and then see how this goes.

[00:03:27] The good thing about all of this in this joint kina promotion is that we’re not getting in all of the University of Hawaii’s publications, which I think the total circulation is about 150,000 or so as well as the Ka Leo magazine that we were in on October 30th.

[00:03:44] You can see that at KaLeo.org or we’ll have a link to it on our web site and yeah, it looked really good.

[00:03:55] So, basically what we’re doing now is we’re getting ready to launch cuz I have a number of things that need to be done next week, but I don’t want to pressure out our people. Launch is happening tomorrow. 10:00 am Sports Radio 1420. We’re going to be listening to it because we actually haven’t heard a completed show and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s something that I’m going to be happy with. Okay, so we’ll talk to you folks later. Buy.