The dark before the dawn

The dark before the dawn
No show this week
Luck again

Tonight is September 9, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal coming to live from Honolulu Hawaii at midnight. Anyways, this week I tell you it was very long. Thanks goodness I took a shower and just kind of relaxed a little bit. Chatted with the wife and had a really good dinner with my son. The day today has been, well let me just talk about the week in general. So we came off the three-day weekend right? And suppose ably it’s a three day holiday but since I’m going through this therapy for my car accident, I’m really not able to do leisurely fun recreational stuff. So I just ended up working a lot of the three-day weekend. And then come Tuesday, I was pushing hard to get that contract taken care of and I did some stuff at the radio station. And then that finally ended up getting done. We finally got our first show up with Adam Wong and Kent Untermann on the Internet and started getting some feed back for that. So the beginning part of the week went really well. Then I got a call in the middle of the week from my insurance agent telling me that the insurer on the side of the lady who hit me is no longer going to pay for their damages which is obvious. I wasn’t even, I’m not moving and I get rammed. My entire rear end is busted up. So I mean what’s the deal? Anyways, so now we are trying to figure out on that what is going to be the escalation? When does it end up going to legal? And you know so on and so forth. So that’s something we’ve been dealing with over the last couple of days.

[00:01:41] And then today I wanted to get the audio because Michael who’s the engineer is going on vacation for a week. So the issue has been getting this audio done in time and I can listen to it. Last week we had, I thought it was a good show. We had two little technical areas. One I guess the ISDN line was bleeding some kind of weird music at one point in the first half hour of the show. And the second half an hour there was an editing mistake where it was a duplicate at the end of the show. So I took that out and put it up for the pod cast and all of that. But I wanted to make sure for this week. So since we have a new sponsor now, the issue is that when we did the first number of interviews we had assumed that we were having a separate bank as a sponsor and we assumed wrong. So we have to change that stuff out, which I told the engineer Michael. I told him specifically. I mean he knows the Central Pacific First Bank is the sponsor and everything else besides Central Pacific Bank needs to be inside of this show. So this weekend’s show was one of the ones that we had done previously. So I finally ended up getting this CD from him right. So I take this CD and then I was done in the radio station it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I put it into my car and started driving off and the intro part sounded good. And then all of a sudden I notice dang what’s going on here? There was an error. See the way that we were recording these shows initially is we would record the introduction and then the station breaks and the ID’s and then the finish. That’s why it sounds a little bit weird. It’s like thank you so and so. It sounds scripted. That’s just how it is right now. We were doing that upfront and then we would just do the interview straight through and then drop everything else in the editing. Well it turns out on this CD I got which was suppose to be the final, that after show part was not taken out. So it would be “Welcome to the show so and so” and then it would be me doing the “Oh, thank you for coming”. So it’s like what? And then all of a sudden we would go into the interview and then there was another area in the interview that was like we should, they said something and they said edit and everyone laughs. And that’s still in there. So I stopped the car. I went back around the block back into the parking lot. I ran up the radio station. And then I talked to Michael. I said you know what we got to make these changes. These things have to be made. He said okay I well I got to work on it later on tonight. I said okay let me go and check the rest of the audio and I’ll go home. So I went out to return my printer to Comp USA because I ended up getting a different printer so I returned that. I ended up back. I was listening to this audio and I noticed there’s no opening billboard for the second show And then I was listening to it more at the house I’m like this thing doesn’t sound edited. Because the incorrect sponsor information was still embedded in the show. I mean can you imagine that? This show would play and we just got a new sponsor that has a competing bank. That’s ridiculous. I mean it’s idiotic. I don’t know. So then we get to the end part of this interview and then it’s to the point where Chris Hart who was doing the point was giving me, it was like a conversation between Chris and me in terms of how to finish up this show and then we finish it up. So there was no ending music or anything. So I’m like what the hell is this? Are they going to play this thing? You got to be kidding me. You got to be absolutely kidding me. So I called them and I said these changes need to be made. And he’s like oh I made them. I made them this afternoon. I was like you are telling me that you already made these changes? Yep I made them. I’m like you are 100% sure you made these changes. Yep, I’m 100% sure. I said let me get a copy of that disk then and I want to listen to it to make sure. He said well you cannot because you cannot get into the office and gave me a hard time and whatever. I’m like I’ll come after you’re done at 11:00 and get it. He’s like no you can’t do it, so giving me a hard time. So I’m like you know what this is not going to cut it. So my theory is this, I’m going to deal directly with the person as long as I possibly can but this is harsh to say but in the total of the scheme of their organization he’s the bottom guy. I’m trying to show him respect. I am trying to directly with him. I’m trying not to bring in anyone else but this is bullshit already. I’m fucking pissed off. So I called up Chris Hart to get this taken care of. And Chris was super cool about it. And we discussed it, he understood. All in all what ended up happening is I told him we’re not going to play this this weekend. I cannot take that risk. I mean could you imagine the thing playing and then there is a mistake still in there. What am I going to do? I can yell at him you know try to reprimand him of some sort. That’s not going to work. The damage is already done. It’s like you already put poison into the river. You can’t get it back out no matter how much you scream. It’s impossible. So we just decided you know what, we are going to cut it. We’re not going to play it this week. And then we’ll do it the following week. Although I did edit up everything else for the pod-casting episode and we uploaded it so that people can hear it because on our site that seems to be the most popular audio. We uploaded it let it play and it’s available now. So I don’t know we are going to have to see how this goes. I’m very disappointed in the way that this thing was handled but it’s really the one guy. I mean I don’t know what else to say. The station KKEA 1420 and their management have been absolutely awesome. I mean even if somebody offered me another deal for free, I wouldn’t go because guys have been excellent. I mean I like working in there. Kimo Akane and these other guys at Cox, they are super helpful. You know they do a great job and normally Michael’s doing a good job too. So, I don’t want to harp on him but for those of you who are wondering where did the radio show go this week or whatever, that’s the story man. He told me that oh it didn’t save the changes and the one on his computer was different but hey you know what if that’s the disk that was going to go I don’t want to hear it. He’s going on vacation for a week. I hope he has a good vacation. And gets everything squared away because when he comes back I’m going to expect this thing to be done right. And that’s about it.

[00:08:25] So when I’m putting down here the dark before the dawn it’s weird because I’ve been going the events of this week should have taken me on an emotional roller coaster. And I haven’t really felt it. I haven’t felt the real up. I mean I felt the high for the sponsorship part. I was real excited. But I didn’t really feel to low on the low stuff which is interesting to me because normally I would be a lot more upset but I’m not really. It’s just kind of like it’s just like Peter Kaye talked about in his interview, I guess you guys will hear it when it plays, but it talks about the path and it’s just seems like I’m on the right path. And this is just things on the path. There’s nothing to get upset about it’s just get through it and just keep going. So what I’m expecting them, that’s where this old dark before the dawn thing comes from, is normally you have all these crappy things or seemingly crappy things happening and then something really good happens so it will be very interesting to see what the really good thing is going to happen is.

[00:09:36] And I’m sure that it will come somewhat soon and that’s why I put serendipity. Serendipity is kind of that accidental luck type thing happening. You know its very interesting serendipity.

[00:09:50] Luck another thing we’ll talk about. You know I’m going to type this in right now into my show notes. Luck is opportunity meeting preparedness right? If you’re not prepared for it, it doesn’t matter if you have the opportunity because you cannot take advantage of it. So the interesting thing about serendipity, I’ll give you an example for this Ad2 thing. When Kimo mentioned that to me yesterday in Cox radio studio about Ad2 and how they can help and so on and so forth. If I weren’t doing this project it would make no difference because there would be no use for us to be getting together. However, because we are going the project within the Universities now, and that’s we’re in the planning stages and we’re opening dialogue and we’re moving forward, it makes absolute sense to meet them and it becomes a lucky instance. So luck, I’m going to type in luck again, is preparedness meeting opportunity. So the only way that we can control our luck is to make sure that we are more prepared. And that’s exactly what we are trying to do and stay on this path. So anyways, if you are wondering why the audio is not up on the radio this weekend, that’s the reason why. However, you can catch the pod casting show on the website at and check it out there. Okay? So this is Evan saying see you later. It’s actually Saturday morning now and I will talk to you soon.