What are the Aftershows?

What are the Aftershows?
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Jeff Arce partner in The MacNaughton Group Show this Saturday at 3:00 PM
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Today is October14, 2005 this is Evan’s Journal coming to you live from Honolulu Hawaii. So a lot of people are asking us what are these after shows all about? How does it work? What’s the value? All that kind of stuff. So I wanted to address that now. The after shows are the second portion of the interviews that we are doing. When we have these interviews with successful entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs that come in, what we do is they come in typically for about an hour or so and the first half an hour which is sponsor supported is what ends up on the radio and then also what ends up on the free pod cast as well as the download and when you push the play button on our website that’s what you hear. You’re going to hear the first half of it. Typically in that first half we are going to go over the entrepreneur, how they got started, their business, what makes their business better, what they are doing in the society or what their social mission is or how their engaged in the community or if they are doing something interesting. And we go through all that kind of stuff. The second half of the interview which is typically about half an hour or so, some have run way longer some are maybe a few minutes shorter. We go a lot more in-depth into either some of the topics that have come up in either the beginning part interview or we go in depth to there expertise in terms of you know lets say they are venture capitalist we are going to ask them on what are the mental checklist that you go through when someone hands you an executive summary. What’s the best way for someone to engage you to get an appointment? What’s the process that it takes to, what’s their average investment? You know what are you looking for in an entrepreneur and then most of them we’re asking them what are their biggest mistakes they are seeing entrepreneurs make? How can entrepreneurs avoid that? What are the most important things entrepreneurs need to know? What are the, actually there’s a huge list of them. You can see most of the list of those in each of the description for audios that we already have, or actually even in all of the calendar items too so. That’s what’s kind of going on with the after show. It’s a lot more in-depth, it’s a lot more detailed and it goes a lot more into what ever their expertise is. We have available in the after show portion, I’m going to make it where we’ll have uncut. Uncut doesn’t mean that we’re not going to cut anything. I mean its kind of irritating when you listen to a lot of the mistakes that Kari or myself are making when we’re doing things here or there but an example would be on like Duane Kurisu’s interview. When you listen to his interview, it was edited. There were pauses taken out Ums Ahs pieces of it that were cut out so that it can fit with in that segment depending on what the sponsor info was going in the radio show so you are going to miss things in there and then one thing about the interviews that we’re doing is that sometimes they have pauses and in the editing process if we take out that pause you take out the dramatic effect of what that could actually mean so some of the pauses are really valuable in order to get the true meaning of what the person is trying to say and so we want to leave that stuff in. I’m waiting to get feed back on that of course. I mean some people may not want to hear it but it seems like you get more a flavor more of in-depth into how the person is. You know flaws and all because for most of these people a lot, I know I use to think, I use to think that man these people are just the super confident all the time, they never had any problems you know everything went smooth for them but then when you hear their story and you hear how they talk a lot of them are very soft spoken very mild mannered and you know that’s just not necessarily what you think when you think of these high flying entrepreneur types. So you know it just goes to show that you don’t have to be this extra-averted super aggressive person in order to become a business success or a success in the community. There’s a lot of different ways that’s packaged and I think you get a much better feel for that in the after shows. The after show portion is really what the revenue model is suppose to be. And that revenue is what we can use to do the programs that we want to do within the schools and other things and so if you are interesting in these things please do purchase one of those it does support a lot of things and you know it will make a difference. Plus I think it will make a difference in your life. No matter who it is that’s listening to it because a lot of this is what we call personal time and that’s one of the reasons that I really wanted to do this kind of a program and one of the reasons I wanted to do it with my wife. Because spending personal time with these people has truly made an impact on me. I get a new distinction every single time I go through these interviews. There’s something that sticks out in my mind and by making these little incremental changes it will determine you know it will change the way that I make a decision. It will change the way that I make, that I do an action and then that changes my results so that’s really what its about because all business success and all companies are all run by people so you really have to understand who the people are and how they are doing things and how they think. And decide the things that you want to take and the things that you don’t want to take cause a lot of times its going to be things that you never ever thought of. You don’t know what you don’t know. You just don’t know it so it’s pretty enlightening for me and I know that the people who have been listening and have been giving feedback have been basically telling me the same exact thing.

[00:05:49] One thing that I have been keeping you know in the beginning part in the start up stages that you think of should I really be focusing on the revenue portion or am I going to be focusing on my time, my personal time to do things that I need to do or am I focusing on what am I passionate about and I think the real issues is to kind of merge those three where you are working on something that you are absolutely passionate about it makes you money and you have time I think Jim Collins talked about something similar in Good to Great but that’s it it’s weird balancing act that is always going on and I don’t know about you guys but I am constantly trying to balance that. Trying to figure out how much time and I really suppose to be spending with my family and then how much time am I suppose to be spending doing each business and which business and how to prioritize that. It’s defiantly a tricky one so if you are thinking the same things man I don’t think that your in that boat alone and I put also in the shown notes where it says and or because I always think, or I use to think that I either have more free time, or I can have more money or I can have more passion but I really think now that if you package it and plan it correctly, and you know I haven’t gotten that mix down perfectly yet, that’s why we are doing these interviews. I really want to have that though and I really think that if as I am figuring it out and the listeners are figuring it out we’re going to come up with something that is truly going to make a difference. And then we’ll see.

[00:07:30] Yahoo has started doing a podcast if you go to podcasts.yahoo.com you’ll see their version of directory and it’s a real easy way you click on the button and you can subscribe. We are ranked number 7 today on the business section of yahoo podcast. Yesterday we were ranked number 3 and the day before we were ranked number 5 so I’m not even really sure exactly how this thing works or how they are ranking it. I have no idea and I’ve been talking to people online and a lot of them really don’t have an idea either so if any of you have an idea of how yahoo is actually ranking this stuff can you please email me or post it up somewhere where we can see because I’m trying to figure this whole thing out.

[00:08:16] One thing interesting is that yesterday’s lunch that I had with Ryan Ozawa and Dave Kozuki and Cathy Luke is Ryan’s’ Lost Podcast, It’s Lost The Transmission. If you go into iTunes it’s ranked number 20 I believe right now it’s also on the front page in terms of like television shows or what ever that is right there. Lost the transmission it’s a really good pod cast but man it’s just amazing how fast he has moved that thing on up in only a few weeks he’s already in the top 20 so congratulations out there to you Ryan and I truly believe that his Lost podcast and the success for it is not just a fluke you see this is the correlation that I am trying to make for someone like Ryan Ozawa who is the president of the Hawaiian Association of Pod casting, cause you know really it’s in kind of a smaller handful of people and we just go out there and try to do our podcast and share our info and so on, and he’s done this unselfishly. I mean he spends a lot of time writes lengthy detailed explanations helps people out meets them and this is all in addition to the other things he does. And he’s never asked for anything in return so I truly think that this is kind of I don’t know you call it karma or you know what ever you want to call it. I truly think that this is the way of kind of the universe or whatever you want to call it kind of paying him back and I think it’s really exciting to see. It’s defiantly exciting to see. So go check him out at on iTunes. I cannot remember the earl right now sorry.

[00:10:03] Serendipity is another huge thing that keeps coming up in these interviews. And I’ll tell you what Serendipity keeps happening in my life as well. It will be interesting to hear these Serendipity events for the listeners also.

[00:10:21] I’ll tell you what I have been trying to do is figure out how we can write these articles because we are looking are refurbishing this content in terms of the interviews because we get such good content coming out of it that I want to be able to turn it into various columns for print publications. The thing is we have not been able to get to it, Kari or myself, we’ve just been so bogged down with other things so I ended up talking to another friend of mine and asked her if she would be interested in helping us with this and of course we would all be involved with the process but when I talked to her I came up with something interesting she said that she doesn’t like to listen she would much rather read and that’s what another friend of mine told me too so that was in the morning and she said let me go and look for a transcriber that we use to work with and so I said okay. In the afternoon I got a call from a friend of mine from at Hibeam which is Hibeam.org which is kind of a mentorship type organization for startup companies in Hawaii and the executive director his name is Carnet Williams we were chatting about things because Carnet is the real strong component of social entrepreneurship. He’s doing very very interesting things down there. He’s also CEO of Skywave Broadband which you can check out at Skywavebroadband.net and you know Carnet was talking to me about putting together a component of best practices so he said he would talk to the entrepreneurs within Hibeam and then what we would do is compile the answers that they gave and be very very detailed answers I mean answers words like should you corporate first or should you fundraise first? And what’s the corporate strategy? And things on the terms and very very detailed things that would be training material or a handbook and it falls exactly into line with what we’re trying to do. And he was talking about transcribing the audio also so that he can put the handbook together so the coloration there is that I talked and they had the transcriber the transcriber that we’re looking for was already put into motion and that would be in place for this other project and things are just kind of moving along and so I talked to him I said you know its just it seems like one its seems like we’ve been working on this for so long we’ve really only been doing this for a couple of weeks but it seems like it’s been going on for months and I mean it’s actually only been a couple of months but it seems like it’s been going on for a year or more. And it seems like we’re right in the middle of something. I don’t know if you folks ever feel that but you know your working on something and you’re working on something and it feels like your right in the middle of I would say like a fog or something. You know you’re there. You know something’s around you know something is getting put together but you don’t know what it is yet. And how much farther do you have to walk before you get out of the fog and you can see what it is? That’s exactly what it feels like right now. So this will be very interesting to see what comes up in the future.

[00:13:27] And then another thing that I thought about was changing over how we are handling these after show payments it’s currently done through Bid Pass I don’t know if that is working out for us man I mean I really want to be able to have this subscription type thing going on because then people don’t always have to come back to the site and always have to check it can be automatically downloaded just like the podcast but there’s got to be away to do it and there’s got to be away for us to be able to cover ban with and other things so I don’t know we are going to work that out I’m going to go to that podcast expo the Portable Media Expo in November and then hopefully something will come about and hopefully that will be the point where I walk out of the fog things become clear and then you know what happens after that right you walk back into the fog. So I don’t know we’ll see but nonetheless this has been extremely exciting.

[00:14:20] This weekend’s show is Jeff Arce who is a partner at The MacNaughton Group. The MacNaughton Group one of the big time real estate development firms in Hawaii as well as retail they own Starbucks, Jamba Juice and Coffee Partners in Hawaii in conjunction with Dean McPhail, Greg Meier who their show will be on in the future and then Gary Maunakea Forth who is coming from Ma’o Organic Farm will also be on this weekend and they have an interesting story because Waianae which is an area of Hawaii it’s kind of a lower demographic in terms of income there is a lot of social issues out there and they want to do something good for the community increase revenue train the youth and educate them and then they are doing that through agriculture in an interesting way. Also coming up they are gong to be talking about the gift foundation in Hawaii, which is an organization of young professionals that have one, ragging party man. I mean the party which is coming up on October 8 at the Pacific club, if you want to check it out go to the giftfoundationofhawaii.org I mean it is a raging party and pretty much it’s like the who’s who of the younger and even the more established business people in town. So if you’re looking to network, looking to get out there you want to do something for a good cause I’d get to that event. So looking forward to the weekend and I will talk to you folks next week.