Peter just successfully sold his company for an undisclosed multi million dollar amount. His company Cybercom was a pioneer in high end web design and grew revenue to $2.7 million at their peak. At the time of this interview, his current company Titan Key was positioning themselves for an acquisition.

This successful sale led Peter to a realization while meeting with one of India’s top leaders. This is now called Flat Earth Ventures which is a angel investing mentor organization to help other companies attain successful acquisitions just like Titan Key.

Peter Kay is one of Hawaii’s most visionary technology leaders. In this interview Peter talks about ‘the path’ that he’s taking to a more purpose driven life. I think this insight will have you thinking for a while.

Peter’s insight into the burger model of business (build it and flip it) goes hand in hand with the IP information age we are in. His personal story about dealing with venture capitalists and a special view on ethics makes this an interview you don’t want to miss.

Some questions asked:
Can you tell us about your first venture into entrepreneurship?

How did you get your entrepreneurial start?

You’ve started five different technology companies, what were they? Are they still running?

How did you become so involved with technology?

What’s your view on Act 221/215?

What was Zentech about?

There are a lot of spam software programs, what makes Titan Key so special?

Tell us more about the Titan Key patent and the process to get it?

What is the ‘burger model in business’?

What was your experience with venture capitalists?

What do entrepreneurs need to do to raise venture capital?

What was your elevator pitch?

How did you meet the venture capitalists?

You’ve been involved with podcasting for a while now, what’s your view on the revenue potential for podcasting?

What non profits or community based organizations are you involved with?

How has that affected your business success?

How do you integrate your life’s purpose with your business and family?

What are the biggest and most common mistakes you see entrepreneurs or business owners make when starting a new venture?

How did you build your business up then sell it off?

How do you integrate business, family, friends and your own time?

What was your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it?

Where are you originally from? What brought you to Hawaii and what made you stay?

What does ‘the path’ hold for Peter Kay?

Peter Kay is one of Hawaii’s most recognized technology visionaries. His 21 year local history of entrepreneuring has founded 5 different technology companies. He has been credited with developing Hawaii’s first Internet classes, first commercial Web site and most of the local blue-chip company’s first online presence. Peter has appeared on the cover of Midweek Magazine, the cover of Hawaii business magazine twice and named Entrepreneur of Year by Ernst & Young. Pacific Business News recognized Peter as one of Hawaii’s top 40 leaders under 40 and one of his companies was recognized by PBN’s Fastest 50 List for 3 different years. He is commonly recognized as the voice behind the Your Computer Minute radio program, and writes a technology column for Road Runner’s Around Town. His latest company, TitanKey Software, created a patent-pending anti-spam technology and has developed a global distribution and supplier network.

Flat Earth Ventures
Titan Key Software

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