Eddie came to Hawaii as an immigrant and has become one of Hawaii’s most prevalent success stories. He used a $20,000 investment in a small mom and pop restaurant that he bought for his mother into a multimillion dollar franchise with 147 locations throughout the U.S. Eddie is also very involved in the community in which he raised $14.2 million for the Filipino Community Center.

Some questions asked:
Eddie, you purchased your first L&L restaurant in 1976 as a gift for your mother. Was it for her to own something and work to build it into something big or was it something else?

What was your mother’s reaction to her gift?

At that time did you have any restaurant experience? Management experience?

Did the previous owner give you their recipes or did you create your own menu?

Why did you buy L&L? What attracted you to this company?

When you first arrived to Hawaii when you were sixteen what did you do for work?

Who was your first mentor that taught you the laws of success as an entrepreneur?

How have you been able to expand to the mainland?

How did you decide that you wanted to franchise and not just expand on your own?

Was it difficult to expand?

Have most of your stores been successful?

You are known for your generosity and unselfishness because you provide loans, credit and lease guaranty for employees in the L&L chain so that they can own a store, could you tell us more about his?

How do you decide if you’re going to provide the credit or loan to a person? Any criteria?

What is your average day like now?

How do you manage your time?

Where did you learn the value of a successful entrepreneur and being a community activist?

At what age did you realize that it was important for you to give back and be involved in the community?

Did you always think that way or did someone “enlighten” you to this way of thinking?

What’s your philosophy on whether or not business people should give back to the community?

Our show focuses on businesses giving back to the community, what is your take on giving back to the community?

What do you say to those people who say there just isn’t enough time to get involved with the community because they need to focus on their careers first and primary?

You also started a real estate company many years ago, is that still open? If so, do you still manage the company? Do you still do real estate transactions?

Why did you get into real estate?

You have a list of accomplishment with your role in the community, how do you find the time to be involved with so many boards and committees?

Could you tell us about the Filipino Community Center? What happens there?

What are the most important laws to becoming successful?

How do you manage your time between business and family, especially with travel?

Does your wife work in the business also? Why or why not?

What is your wife’s role?

What is the most important thing to teach your children? Are you preparing them to take over the business later?

What was your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it?

Any last advice for business people?

What can we look forward to in the future?

What message would you like our listeners to receive from this discussion?

What are the reasons you decided to come on this show?

Can you tell us why other people should come on this show?

Can you tell us why people should listen to this show?

Eddie Flores Jr. is the president and CEO of L & L Drive-Inn and L & L Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant chain (currently 145 locations in Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, New York, Michigan, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California). He bought the first L & L as a gift to his mother in 1976.

Education: University of Hawaii, Bachelor of Business Administration 1970
University of Oklahoma, Master of Liberal Studies 1987

Author: Listing & Selling Business Opportunities and How To List & Sell Business Opportunities.

Board and Commission (current):

Board of Governors: East-West Center
Board of Regents: Chaminade University
Board of Directors: Hawaii Goodwill Industries
Filipino Community Center, Inc. (Chairman Emeritus)
Mid-Pacific Institute
Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Honolulu Board of Water Supply (Chairman)

Advisory Board: Hogan Entrepreneurs and Committee for Public Success in Education.

Professional Awards:
Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year – State of Hawaii
Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Food and Beverage – State of Hawaii
University of Hawaii Distinguished Alumni Award
The Investment Group Realtors of the Year
Certified Business Consultant of the Year
Hawaii Association of Realtors Highest Rated Instructor
Hawaii Association of Realtors Educator of the Year
Filipino Chamber of Commerce Director of the Year
Filipino Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
Chinese Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur
Junior Achievement Wall of Fame
Filipinas Magazine Achievement Award (National)
Kalampusan Corporate Award (National)
Best in Business: Business Leadership Hawaii

Volunteer Awards:
Presidential Citation for Filipino Individuals & Organizations Oversea (International)
Honolulu Board of Realtors Alohilani Volunteer Award
Oahu Filipino Community Council Volunteer of the Year
Na Loio Award (Immigrant Volunteer Service)
United Filipino Council of Hawaii – Progress Award
State of Hawaii Kilohana Volunteer Award

Since his arrival in Hawaii as a sixteen old immigrant, Eddie Flores Jr., president of L & L restaurant chain, has distinguished himself as a successful entrepreneur and a community activist. The early years were very trying, and Eddie was compelled to work to support himself. Two years after his graduation from University of Hawaii, he unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit and formed his own real estate company. In 1976, he purchased his first L & L as a gift to his mother. Subsequently, Eddie expanded L & L from a single store into 145 restaurants during a time of unprecedented economic hardship in Hawaii. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the way Flores runs his business is his generosity and unselfishness. Eddie has provided loans, credit, and lease guaranty for his employees in the L & L restaurant chain so they can share the same American dream.

In 1998, Eddie won the State of Hawaii Small Business Administration – Small Businessperson of the Year, which epitomized his success in business. For many years, Eddie has served as the chairperson of the Small Business Assistance Program for the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, which awarded him the Entrepreneur of the Year. Eddie was also awarded the University of Hawaii Distinguished Alumni Award, Presidential Citation for Filipino Individuals & Organizations Overseas, Junior Achievement Wall of Fame, Best in Business: Business Leadership Hawaii and Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Food and Beverage.

Eddie taught real estate, investment, management, travel, and business appraisal courses throughout
the state. As an instructor, Eddie received the highest honor by the Hawaii Association of Realtors as
the Highest Rated Instructor and Educator of the Year. Eddie was the first Asian American to receive the designations of Certified Business Intermediary and Designated Real Estate Instructor.

As an author, Eddie has written two books – “Listing and Selling Business Opportunities” and “How to List and Sell Business Opportunities”. He has also published articles locally and internationally on various subjects on real estate, investment, and business appraisal.

Importantly, Eddie does not forget his roots. Eddie established the Filipino Fiesta and Parade in 1993. He has served as the chairman for ten years and raised funds for the festivities annually. Eddie was the prime mover in building and raising 14.2 million dollars for the Filipino Community Center, which opened in 2002. He wrote and taught on a regular basis the micro-enterprise training series for the Filipino Community Center, Inc.

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