Lots to Celebrate

Wow! The weather has been unbelievable. It has been raining and raining and raining. I don’t remember one day in the past couple weeks that it didn’t rain at all. The kids at school had so much pent up energy because they couldn’t go out for recess and release their energy and Buddy’s class also had a lot of pent up energy. It’s so funny how rain does this to kids. The bad weather has been a bummer for me because Kolton was supposed to be taking his pictures for his 1st birthday, but with the rain it’s been impossible. Whenever we do take the pictures I hope that the artist is able to finish it in time for his party.
Speaking of birthdays, I just turned 32! I had a great birthday as always with my family. Evan spoils me all kinds of things. I am not into spending a lot of money, I just like a lot of time spent on doing or receiving thoughtful things. We went to Cirque Hawaii at the Waikiki 3 Theatres and it was an incredible production. I would highly recommend it for the locals or visitors. Evan and I agree that it was the best show we’ve seen in Hawaii so far. If you’re thinking about going to see it, don’t order your tickets online, do it over the phone. Evan saved $100 or maybe more. I don’t know why the price list on the website is so high, but when he called, the tickets were half of what it showed on the website. Kind of weird…but, a highly recommended show for everyone!
So we’ve had many interviews since the last time I journaled. Many, many, many incredible people.
Bert Kobayashi, it was so nice to talk to him. I felt like he shared things that I could easily relate to in regards to starting the company, taking a chance, and learning a lot through the process. One thing that impressed me was how he was identified early as a leader in the community serving on the Builder’s Association board to start. It was an unbelievable story of how he started being a leader at such a young age. It was interesting to speak to him to because we had interviewed BJ, and I went to school with Patrick at Mid-Pac. Patrick and I didn’t really talk, since I was quiet, but he is a friend of my brother. Patrick married his classmate, Chris, whom I went to Elementary School with also. Such a small world!
We also interviewed Mike McCartney. He is such a storyteller. He has such a warm heart and loves to share about his different experiences and how it shaped him. Interesting thing about Mike was how he said that he wasn’t academically a good student, but wow, look at him now. He had determination to make something of himself and is doing so well.
Jeff Watanabe, it was interesting to meet him because we went to his house for a cocktail party, but didn’t get a chance to meet him. I think that Evan spoke about the party briefly in his journal, but I had two children with me at a cocktail party…I just didn’t think it was appropriate for them and how can I socialize and neglect them? That just wouldn’t be responsible of me would it? So we left. Anyway, Jeff is such a huge guy! You can see the picture on the website. Talk about a busy person. This guy serves on a variety of boards for profit and non-profit. You should hear how he manages it all.
Over the weekend I volunteered at Mid-Pacific Institute’s Hoolaulea. Evan laughs because it’s not a carnival, it’s barely a family fair, it’s just a school celebration really. It’s really small and mostly just the students that attend Mid-Pacific go. I don’t think the outside public goes. Anyway, my friend Marci and I helped at the Body Painting and tattoo area. I had a lot of fun doing the body paint. I love to draw and do art so I had a fun time drawing and painting on the faces and arms of different children. At the end of the night I had some fun with Buddy and painted his face into a tiger. He loved it!
Evan started a new diet. I really encouraged him to do it because he’s been talking about wanting to lose some weight. Not that I think he needs to, but if he commits to someone else about the diet, I know he will do it. He’s been doing really well so far. I believe he’s already lost 3 lbs. Poor guy, loves to eat food and he hates having to be so discipline. I don’t help any since I am always snacking, I can’t help it, it’s what I live on.
We met with a couple that writes for Pacific Edge Magazine, Naomi and Jamie, they are the publishers and co-publishers. We might try and figure out a way to work together closely on something. We met with them yesterday to get to know each other. It was nice to meet another young couple that works together. The dynamic is very similar, except that Naomi does more of the talking, like Evan does most of the talking. Jamie does his thing and is quietly supportive and adds to the conversation here and there, kind of like me. The background people that support the front line people!
So my Meals on Wheels planning is coming along. We’ll have our first training in May. I was able to ask Adam Wong of the Great Harvest Bakery to donate a few snacks for us during the training. He was so kind as to oblige. I love their sweets. Their breads are good also. If you haven’t tried their breads yet, the white chocolate blueberry is our favorite and so are the different scones!
I just got the news officially last Friday, my brother is engaged to be married next year! I am so happy! He really found a nice girl. My whole family loves and adores her greatly. She is very sweet and kind. I knew from the day I met her that he would marry her because she is so different than some of the other girls that he dated. Not that the other girls were not sweet or kind, they have been, but there is just something about her that was different. I am happy for the both of them and can’t wait for their big day! That’s all for the news now. Cheers to everyone! Take care.

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