December 10, 2006

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a journal and the year is already coming to a close. A lot has happened since July. We’ve been busy doing tapings for the television launch next year, January 2007. Actually we were supposed to launch in September but there was little time to prepare the shows and everyone was rushed and stressed out, so we pushed it back to January. I thought this was a good idea so that we could spend more time on making the shows good.

During the end of September we did a Greater Good Anniversary party at Pearl at Ala Moana Shopping Center. That was a blast. We had approximately 300 people there. The food was great and all of the drinks were very tasty. We had a chance to preview the food and drink the night before at the Hawaii Business Magazine’s Fittest CEO event. Thank goodness we had a chance to go the night before our party because during the party there was no time to enjoy the food and beverages. There were so many things to take care of to make sure that the party operated smoothly. Thank goodness to Hawaii Pacific Entertainment and Lincoln Jacobe who helped with the planning and operations of the party. Without them, I think my stress level would have been much greater. Overall, I thought the party was great and I couldn’t have asked for a better event! It would be awesome to do something like this annually.

So we went to the celebration of Hawaii’s Fittest CEOs, which was organized by Hawaii Business Magazine. Well, unexpectedly I placed fourth, second for women. The first place woman was a 61 year old. Wow, that’s kind of embarrassing huh? Well, I was happy for the lady that won because she really trained hard for the win! Anyway, amazingly I thought it wasn’t a big deal to get a 1×1” pic in the magazine because who would be interested in the fittest CEO? I was wrong, more people have commented on the contest and my picture than ever before! Evan and I have been featured in a couple of magazines and a couple of newspaper features with our pictures, but I have never received so many comments about seeing the articles. But fittest CEO, and everyone saw that one! It’s kind of embarrassing because I didn’t enter to think people thought I was so fit. After all, Evan nominated me for publicity and the day after he nominated me 24-hour fitness called and said I had to come in and take a fitness test the next day! 24-hour fitness helped Hawaii Business Magazine with the tests. So, I had no time to train or time to prep to do well. I was surprised at how well I did. So at the dinner, I was talking to some of the guys who placed in the contest and they all were disappointed that they were not the top winner, so they said they would be trying again next year and would train for the contest. This got my competitive juices flowing so I decided if the guys are taking it seriously, I too will take it seriously and will train even harder this year since I know what to expect J So I joined The Studio by Egan Inoue. Initially we wanted our oldest son, Buddy to go to the classes to learn discipline and gain confidence in him self. But after looking at the workout schedule Evan and I also decided to join! So far the classes have been awesome. The classes run by Egan are challenging. I haven’t died in a class like that ever! I love it because you come out of the class feeling like you really worked out, never wondering if you did anything for your body and heart. So hopefully these classes help to train me for the contest next year.

Speaking of taking care of your body, Evan and I were recently introduced to the Phiten line. They are titanium jewelry and clothing that is supposed to help with muscle aches and stuff. I am usually not a believer in these types of things, but once I tried it, I could immediately tell a difference in the muscle tension. When I don’t have my necklace on, I can only think about when I can put it on again. It’s so weird how it works. It’s reasonably priced also, just $30 for the necklace. Evan is such a believer, he also bought the shirt, pants, and socks for working out, socks for dressing up, tape, and wraps for his wrist/ankles. Evan is one to be sold on something because he will go all out and buy everything that exists.

Since our television recordings have started with KGMB, I’ve tried out a new salon, Marsha Nadalin Salon at Kahala Mall. I was introduced to them by SMART magazine because in one of their issues Marsha Nadalin was chosen as the best place to do color and highlights on the island. I’ve always wanted to check them out and since we were going to be on television I thought I better go get my hair done to look good. After I checked out the prices I realized that I could have Marsha Nadalin do my hair for me for an affordable rate so I made an appointment with her. The first appointment I made I really liked her style so I’ve been going back ever since. Wow, not only have I noticed the difference in my hair, but many others too have commented on the color and the cut. I really like it. For the past three times that I’ve gone to Marsha Nadalin, she hasn’t done the same thing twice, thus I don’t get bored. The other awesome thing about going to the salon is that the people are so nice and friendly. You get the sense that everyone is enjoying being at work and helping one another out. When they talk to each other, it’s in such a caring way. One of the best things is that while your hair is being serviced, sometimes another girl sits by your side and gives you a hand and cuticle massage. It’s so relaxing and it feels so nice to be pampered like that. It’s obvious why clients continue to go back to Marsha Nadalin Spa and Salon because of the people and the atmosphere. They have already expanded twice and will be expanding again to service more people. Girls and guys should check it out, Marsha is great to do hair too, she’s my fave!

Most recently I applied for Mayor Mufi Hanneman’s Pacific Century Fellows. Evan was kind of nervous for me, but I think I was even more nervous! I heard from some of the judges that the competition was fierce and many of the applicants were very qualified with good credentials. But I went in with the best attitude as I could because if I didn’t get chosen this year, I would still apply next year. Either way, it would be an awesome program to be a part of I figure. So, I made it through applications and was chosen to go through the interviews. The interviews were held at KCC on a Saturday. The interviews start about 8:00 in 30-minute increments until 11:30. Then there’s lunch and then one more set of interviews to follow after lunch. The judges then have to vote unanimously on the people chosen to be a part of the program. My interview was at 9:00 and I went early in case I got lost. During the interview I was really nervous and coming out I didn’t feel that strong or good about the interview, as I had hoped. I just prayed that everything would work out how it was supposed to. The lunch was really good and the conversation was pretty interesting with the judges and other applicants on the table. People mostly shared about what they did for work. After lunch I left and we were supposed to hear the following Monday or Tuesday my mail. On Tuesday I received my congratulatory letter that I was accepted into the program. Our class includes 29 others. I was so thrilled and honored. I guess it seems that my interview wasn’t as bad as I thought. I guess one is one self’s toughest critic. So our program starts in January with a retreat at Turtle Bay and I just can’t wait to get started.

We just had Buddy’s fourth birthday party this weekend. That was fun! Although it was windy and cold, there were still lots of things to do. It was supposed to be a pool party but hardly anyone went swimming. I bought the artificial snow for the kids to play with. It’s a polymer type of product where it’s powder and when water is added it grows 100 times its size. It’s really amazing to see. The kids also made UV bead bracelets, played Lego and blew bubbles, everything included in their goodie bags. We also had a nice spread for lunch of hamburgers, hotdogs, spam musubi, fruits, veges, chips and birthday cake. It was a nice day. I really enjoy planning these types of parties because to see it come together at the end is so rewarding when everyone is smiling!

That’s about all to finish my year. I hope that everyone has a very safe and happy holidays. We have so much to be thankful for. Thanks to all of you for listening and supporting Evan and my venture of trying to get the word out that you can be involved in philanthropic work while trying to build one’s career. We truly appreciate the support.

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