Matthew Meelee started his career working for various software companies in Hawaii. But Matthew’s ultimate calling is in the entrepreneurial realm, which brought him to set up an offshore company that caters to the skills requirement of US-based organizations.

Adapting the concept of the BRIDGE program, Matthew and Techmonde Corp. employees opened a whole new philanthropical possibility in the Philippines that has the potential to help a significant proportion of the destitute millions in this Asian country.

Greater Good Radio brings Matthew Meelee, president and CEO of Techmonde Corp., as he gives his thoughts on being an employer as opposed to working as an employee. In this interview, he shares the differences between outsourcing and off-shoring, with the latter being the main schematic system of the company.

Knowing how to improve business performance and significantly save time and money on human resource is only a click away, so listen now and find out more.

Techmonde Corp.

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