It can only go down to perseverance and determination to proudly own and successfully run a company in a fiercely competitive industry without having any background in business. These characteristics pose as Ritchie Mudd’s ticket to forming the largest and only locally owned and operated roofing supply business in Hawaii.

Ritchie started his working career in Hawaii as a waiter for Victoria Station Restaurant. In 1983, he bought an abandoned 20” container, which served as his office and the start of a venture that would eventually make Ritchie a powerhouse in the building industry. Since then he has grown his 8000 sq. ft. property to a 120,000 sq. ft. facility and established offices in neighboring islands.

“If anything I liked what I was doing. I enjoy what I’m doing and I probably have an attitude where I really want more than making money and I want customers to be happy,” Ritchie says, putting logic to his unprecedented entry in the business world. “And I think that if you make your customers happy, the financial part will come after that and that sort of thing.”

This interview is a must-listen for those who are planning to take on the business world. Let Ritchie Mudd and his experience serve as your mentor and guide as you venture into entrepreneurship. Here, Ritchie shares his humble beginnings as an employee-turned-businessperson and why he considers customer service and satisfaction as important factors in his day-to-day transactions.

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Ritchie Mudd was born in 1951 in Bardstown, Kentucky.

He holds a BA in Psychology from the Ohio State University.

Ritchie began his tertiary education at Ohio State in 1969, and started as an engineering student but had to shift courses because of difficulty in Math.

Came to Hawaii in 1974 with $900 in his pocket. He worked as a waiter for 10 years.

Ritchie started RSI in 1983 on an 8000 sq. ft lot with an abandoned 20’ container converted as his office.

He is a member of Young President’s Organization, Building Industry Association; Hawaii Roofing Contractors Association and Board member of The State of Hawaii Tax Foundation, The Sand Island Business Association, and Hawaii Children Museum.

RSI was started with $30,000 from personal savings and $20,000 loan from family in Kentucky.

RSI has had a steady growth and profitability for 23 years and expanded to all 4 islands with ~ 80 employees.

RSI has acquired half a dozen companies in its lifetime, Rosa Supply in Kauai being the latest in 2004.

Ritchie considers his work as a hobby along with watching the sunset from his Wilhemina Rise home.

He is an avid fan of college basketball.

RSI Roofing and Building Supply

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