From Public Housing to Patents & Philanthropy: Olin Lagon’s Unconventional Journey

Dive into the extraordinary life of Olin Lagon, a Native Hawaiian who turned adversity into an engine for global success. Born and raised in Hawaii’s largest low-income housing project, Olin’s challenging early life and high school struggles fueled his determination to rise above. Today, he’s a celebrated inventor holding numerous patents, a pioneering force in online crowdfunding, and a global entrepreneur. His achievements include co-founding ChipIn, the first online crowdfunding platform, and Kanu Hawaii, a civic engagement platform. As the leader of Shifted Energy, a trailblazing triple bottom line social enterprise, and co-founder of Purple Maia, a non-profit nurturing Hawaiian youth in technology and innovation, Olin embodies resilience, ingenuity, and a dedication to societal progress. Join us as we uncover this inspirational narrative of triumph against the odds.

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