Unlocking Your Potential: Eric Rosso’s Journey to Self-Discovery and Healing

Dive deep into this captivating podcast episode with Eric Rosso as he shares his remarkable journey from a successful advertising career to a profound path of self-discovery and healing. Explore how he harnessed the power of yoga and breathwork to transform pain into purpose. Discover why it’s never too late to embark on your transformation journey and unlock your full potential. Join us in this inspiring conversation on personal growth, healing, and self-realization.

Touching Lives with Yoga and Advertising

Eric Rosso’s journey epitomizes the resilient spirit of a seeker. Eric started his career in modeling before transitioning into real estate. Eventually, he entered the advertising industry, founding his agency in 1995 and making massive strides across different domains. Although passionate about his agency, Eric soon discovered an even greater calling – Yoga.

Transition to Yoga

Eric’s love affair with yoga began around 2007 when he started taking cycle classes. The combination of strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness that yoga offered intrigued him. Eric found yoga to not only improve his flexibility but also provide him with a profound sense of inner peace and self-awareness. Above all, it introduced him to a community of like-minded individuals seeking wholeness and inner peace.

The Catalyst for Breathwork

After his successful venture into Yoga, Eric delved deeper into the self-healing world and came across breathwork. He discovered it in Costa Rica during an ayahuasca retreat. This experience revealed an avenue for him to communicate with his late wife, bringing much-needed healing and closure.

Driven by the tremendous benefits he derived from breathwork, Eric made it his mission to share this powerful tool with others. He has been leading breathwork sessions for over two years, reaching out to anyone seeking positive transformation in their lives.

The Art of Internal Healing

According to Eric, internal healing is as much about unlearning unhelpful habits and patterns as it is about adopting new, healthier ones. It is about letting go of strategies that no longer serve us and opening up to a newfound life alignment.

One key component of internal healing is self-forgiveness. Ruminating over past mistakes and missteps can breed a burdensome guilt that inhibits growth and happiness. Eric shares vulnerably about times in his life when he struggled with this aspect. By confronting these parts of himself through therapy and breathwork, he was able to find forgiveness, thus evoking a sense of wholeness.

The Joy of Service

Today, Eric’s passion for service fuels his journey. His pivotal life experiences and healing trajectory drive him to inspire others towards a path of self-discovery, self-awareness, and ultimately, self-healing. Eric’s remarkable journey encapsulates the transformative power of yoga, breathwork, and internal healing and stands as a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Throughout his journey, Eric realized that wholeness comes from nurturing one’s purpose, engaging with a community of like-minded individuals, and staying true to one’s values. His vision to heal Hawaii is not just about physical fitness but about empowering individuals to embody their voice, embrace their power, and live in alignment with their authentic self.


Eric Rosso’s journey of transformation sheds light on the profound impact of life practices like Yoga and breathwork on personal growth and healing. It is a testament to the transformative power of inner wholeness, self-forgiveness, and the joy of service. By sharing his compelling narrative, Eric encourages everyone to step into self-exploration and embrace the tools out there for healing, growth, and transformation. Eric’s story awakens us to the incredible resilience that resides within us all, urging us to detach from judgment, plunge into self-discovery, and tap into our limitless potential.

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