Foster Deeper Bonds and Build Meaningful Connections: Unlocking the Power of VA with Dr. Aaron Salā

Join Dr. Aaron Salā as he unveils the ancient Samoan concept of VA – the space between, the betweenness, not empty space, not space that separates but space that relates. VA is the sacred relationship that exists between people, as well as between people and the environment, ancestors and the heavens. In this enlightening episode, Dr. Salā, a renowned expert in Hawaiian and Pacific culture and music, delves into how VA can transform our relationships and communities. Discover practical insights and heartwarming stories that illustrate VA’s role in creating a more connected and harmonious world. Whether you’re seeking to enrich personal relationships or foster community bonds, this episode offers invaluable wisdom for all.

The Power of Stories and Music in Healing
As a storyteller and music enthusiast, Dr. Salā firmly believes that Hawaii’s unique culture and the Pacific region have the power to herald world peace. According to him, the stories and music of these regions are not mere expressions; they are pathways to healing.

Dr. Salā candidly discusses the elements that influence his worldview, including Hawaii’s geography and its role as a ‘healing place.’ Part of the healing process, he suggests, involves forsaking personal individuality to contribute to the greater collective. This sentiment resonates in his work at Gravitas Pacifika, where their focus is on strategy and cultural consulting, seen through the lens of Pacific and Hawaiian culture.

Attend the Space for Connection
At its core, VA represents the space that exists between all things and people. But it’s more than just a physical space; it embodies the emotional, spiritual, and relational connections that bind us. Dr. Salā eloquently describes VA as a living bridge, an ever-present link that, when acknowledged and nurtured, can deepen our relationships and enhance our understanding of the world around us.

Dr. Salā emphasizes the importance of attention to this space. If this space is unattended, connections falter. This connects with the conversation that unfolds — an engagement in which both parties share openly, attending to the space between them and fostering connection.

Discussing the Importance of Empathy and Contribution
As the episode progresses, the importance of empathy and contributions to the larger whole is further explored. By sharing experiences and tending to the diverse voices within a collective, deeper understanding and healing occur. This becomes particularly important within the concepts of culture and community.

In a profound exchange, Dr. Salā explains how Hawaiian and Pacific Island communities can foster these deep connections among themselves and also with visitors who come into their spaces. By doing so, they can leverage their unique position to spread peace and achieve a common understanding of humanity globally.

Healing through Storytelling and Engagement with the Past
The correlation between personal experiences and community narratives in effecting engagement and healing takes center stage during the conversation. Dr. Salā expounds on this, reflecting on his own journey of learning. He describes how he attained a deep appreciation of his heritage, humanity, and the power of stories through experiences with significant figures in his life, such as Mahi Beamer or Uncle Mahi, as Dr. Salā affectionately calls him.

The creation and maintenance of spaces that foster engagement, healing, and development of these powerful narratives is seen as crucial. Dr. Salā emphasizes the need for spaces that cultivate trust, ones that people can enter into honest and open exchange than merely surviving in isolating competitive environments ubiquitous in today’s society.

Nurturing Connections for Healing and Sustainable Tourism
Towards the end of the conversation, Dr. Salā reflects on his vision for a future where personal healing serves to create a broader positive impact on society, specifically in the tourism industry. He promotes the need to consciously build an atmosphere that nurtures connections within respective communities and Hawaii as a whole. Once that’s established, inviting visitors would be the next step, helping them interact with the environment responsibly and immersively.

In conclusion, the conversation with Dr. Aaron Salā illuminates the vital role of music, storytelling, and genuine connection in emancipating individual and collective healing. By acknowledging and tending to the VA or the space between us, whether in personal relationships or cultural interactions, we open up opportunities for growth, understanding, healing, and ultimately, fostering world peace.

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