More than two years ago, Henry Montgomery saw a need to provide small companies in Hawaii professional accounting and financial services to help them stay afloat. This mission—to provide smaller enterprises the same cost-effective accounting and financial management capabilities as the bigger organizations—became Montgomery Professional Services Corp. or MontPac’s primary driving force.

Indeed, not long before its establishment, MontPac has made significant impact on their clients, relying on the advantages of outsourcing and globalization.

“By leveraging outsourcing, small businesses can now obtain the type of “big company” accounting and financial management services at a fraction of the cost they would pay a U.S.-based accounting firm,” writes Henry in Outsourcing to Philippines (April 2008).

Beyond cost arbitration, Henry also trusts that his company helps in the professional and economic upliftment of their employees offshore.

MontPac serves as a textbook model of an organization leveraging outsourced talents to provide quality service and create much needed career opportunities otherwise not afforded in developing countries.

Henry has held esteemed tenures in a wide array of organizations including Memorex, Fairchild Camera and Instrument, McKinsey & Company and Arthur Andersen & Company. He co-authored “Enron Provides Lessons on Audits for Accountants and Public Companies” for the Washington Legal Foundation, and “Directors Need to Set the Tone” for the Silicon Valley Biz Ink.

His vast corporate and professional experience aside, Henry is actively engaged in the non-profit arena. Today he sits as treasurer to the Honolulu Symphony, a task perfectly aligned with his skills.

In this interview, Henry narrates his extensive professional background and his eventual foray in to entrepreneurship. He shares with us the value of leveraging one’s skills and talents to create an impact to the wider community.

Listen to this interview and find out why Henry chose to take on the entrepreneurial path after decades in the corporate setting. Find out more about Henry Montgomery, chairman, chief executive officer and co-founder of MontPac, only here on Greater Good Radio.

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