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  KKEA 1420 AM pre meeting thoughts

Filed under: Evan's Journal — admin - July 19, 2005 @ 1:03 pm

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KKEA 1420 AM pre meeting thoughts

Today is July 18, it’s Monday and I am now on my way to the meeting that I have with KKEA Radio AM 1420, it’s the old KCCN AM which used to play Hawaiian music and they bought it from Cox. Anyway I need to go in and meet with Randal as well as Chris something I am not sure, who I am supposed to meet but we are going in there to discuss time slots and whether or not this program is appropriate for them and so on.

So, my goal going into this meeting is to pitch Greater Good Radio, the vision of what we are looking to accomplish with that and the Kokua project and the long-term benefits that all parties have. I think that this gives a opportunity for KKEA Radio, which is typically sports radio, I think their average demographic is thirty five years old male and older; they have, I believe 75% or so, maybe three quarters are probably male. Anyway, since our demographic is 20-30 business people, evenly split between women and men, I believe that we can get them an entirely new demographic. We can help them develop the show content and in turn they can help us with promotion as well as national syndication hopefully, which is truly the goal for this radio portion. I guess we are going to see how this whole thing goes and I am pretty excited, I am really hungry, I couldn’t eat anything this morning I just ate a banana actually before I left.

One thing interesting is that last night I picked out the book, ‘Laws of Success’ by Napoleon Hill and I have been reading through it and for those of you guys who don’t know what that is, ‘Laws of Success’ was a, I believe it’s like a twenty or thirty year research study done by a man named Napoleon Hill, on successful people and what made them successful and then also on unsuccessful people and what made them unsuccessful in terms of, typically in terms of finances and business. And this has been — they condensed the book into Think and Grow Rich, which has been a bestseller since I believe it was printed because ‘Laws of Success’ is such a thick monster of a book. Anyway, Napoleon Hill was a, I believe a college student and he wanted to do an interview with Andrew Carnegie who was the first billionaire of his time, came from Scotland with I think two pennies in his pocket and then eventually became one of the first — actually was the first billionaire through steel companies and other companies. And when Napoleon Hill interviewed him, Carnegie said, I want you to work for me. He said okay; said I want you to work for me for free. He is like Ah! He said, I want to introduce you to successful people, people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt and find out what makes them successful, I will set up the — I’ll make the intros for you and your reward will come out of your findings and Napoleon Hill said, okay, I will do it. And Napoleon Hill became immensely successful not just in publishing materials and books but he was, I think, an advisor to President and spanned, I mean, legends of successful people that have benefited from his work, so, I am one of them, that has benefitted from his work. So actually, the way I kind of picture this whole thing is that we are kind of a Napoleon Hill of this generation but talking to — not just the absolute dominating business people of the time but we are also talking to people that run businesses that make good amount of money, let’s say they make a hundred grand a year, but they work the hours they want to work and they spend time with their family and they love what they do. I mean who wouldn’t want to do that as opposed to working in a position that they are kind of lukewarm or maybe even dislike, that could be a good life in itself. So, If we can uncover these secrets and characteristics and what makes a successful person really successful and the show will have such a great impact for decades to come and that’s truly what we are all about. So hopefully this meeting goes well, I am pretty optimistic and I will record the next segment coming out of this meeting, okay? Wish me luck.

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