KKEA 1420 AM post meeting thoughts

KKEA 1420 AM post meeting thoughts.

All ready, it’s the second portion of this July 18, Monday daily journal. And I just finished the meeting with Chris Hart, which is interesting. I thought it was going to be Chris Hart I didn’t really know. But Chris Hart has been on the radio for a long time. He is a funny guy. He is a real funny guy and then also Randal, Randal Ikeda at KKEA Radio.

Everything went really well. I had to pitch him pretty hard initially after that it seems like they opened up to the idea and offered me a time slot, which was something that I am very, very pleased with. Then we negotiated for pretty quick amount of time and looks like we are going to do it. So tough part now is, I have to talk to the other radio station and person over there, who has been helping me, he is a real cool guy and man I know he is going to be a little bit disappointed but this is the way I have to do it in order to link up with the magazine and the other publications, it’s part of a package. So you never know, in the future we maybe doing things together with the other station, you never know. So just don’t want to burn any bridges and hope he is understanding. Anyways this went really well today and I am very happy you should be hearing us on the radio very, very soon. Okay.