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  GAIL JENNINGS - President of and

Filed under: Greater Good Radio, Women leaders, Technology entrepreneurs, Restaurateurs, Social entrepreneurs, Aftershows — admin - January 20, 2006 @ 11:36 pm

GAIL JENNINGS - President of and

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With web visitors expected to top 1 million in the next year, Gail Jennings shares with us how she built into a viable social enterprise. Gail successfully implemented a social mission after inspiration from Greater Good Radio and her revenue doubled in a short period. Hear Gail’s story of how you can build a business and make a difference.

Some questions asked:

Gail Jennings

Gail was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Northeastern Arizona. She is a fifth -generation Arizonan of pioneer stock which may account for her somewhat adventurous nature. A love of travel began early with numerous travels throughout Mexico and Central America. Her most memorable moments from high school are the months spent working with her grandmother in a free clinic in the highlands of Guatemala where she assisted in setting broken bones, stitching wounds and delivering babies. She set out for Asia at the age of 21 and lived in Korea, Japan and Guam until settling in Hawaii in 2003.

She and partner, Erik Stone, started their company Sentient Earth in 1999 and their present ventures include and Gail is the editor, content manager, sales person and coffee maker for

A passion for volunteer work and social awareness was instilled early from her family, especially her grandmother, the late Dorothy A. Jepson. conceived and developed the Everybody Eats program which benefits the Hawaii Foodbank creating a connection between their website,, restaurant subscribers, the dining-out public, the Hawaii Foodbank and the food-insecure members of our Island ohana.


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