Recap on Lincoln Jacobe interview

Recap on Lincoln Jacobe interview.

Evan: This is Kari and Evan were leaving the Hawaii National Bank conference room where we do our interviews at and we are very thankful for being able to do it there. We just had an interview with Lincoln Jacobe who is the President and CEO of Hawaii Pacific Entertainment and seems like I mean it seems like 10 different companies they do so many things, I thought it’s pretty interesting. What do you think Kari?

Kari: At this point I am just exhausted trying to figure out how he manages his day and his time to do everything because first we just have a few companies not as many as him and we have our family to also manage on a daily basis. I have no idea how he does it.

Evan: The interesting theme is popping up amongst all of these interviews we are doing is the, I don’t know how I am going to get the, to get to the guy? Is that their families are so supportive. I mean every single person including myself and Kari our families have been extremely supportive from day one. So I mean that’s something that real prevalent and especially if you have kids and I guess the question then becomes how do we support our children so that they can have the same type of confidence level or success that we have.

Kari: And it doesn’t mean that just because you don’t have supportive parents you can’t make it or you can’t be successful of what you do, but it helps greatly.

Evan: Yeah also they all are willing to take risks and they all say that if you don’t love what you are doing, quit. And go do something else. So these are all interesting, interesting things also we didn’t get a chance to talk Jasmine Trias I really wanted to talk about Jasmine Trias and how she is bloomed from the American Idol thing. Some of you folks may not remember but Jasmine Trias is placed I think number three or so on American Idol in 2004 I believe. And now she’s been touring over all across the Philippines and different areas. And she is going to do an all Island tour here and that should be interesting hopefully we can get her on the show, when she comes back in three weeks. That’s about it. Anything else for you Kari?

Kari: No that’s it.

Evan: We have to pick up our son now. So. Okay thanks for listening, talk to you later.