Rob Robinson interview, Podcast people show, Kealoha redo and Adam Wong redo 7-21-2005 file lost?

Rob Robinson interview
Podcast people show
Kealoha redo
Adam Wong redo
7-21-2005 file lost?

It is Thursday July 28, 2005 and this is Evan’s Journal. Well today we did the interview with Rob Robinson, Professor of Entrepreneurship and eBusiness at University of Hawaii also the founder of UH Angles and I thought that, that interview went extremely well. Rob, it almost seems everyone has good feedback but I am wondering if that’s also they just don’t want to tell you anything negative I don’t know. Chris is saying we are doing better and I feel like we are doing better it was much more natural. Normally when we do the interview its been we turn off the mics and then after we talk and we talk normally and its, there is a huge difference between the sound of Mr. Radio Man voice and then when we relax and start talking. So hopefully we can get closer to where there is no difference and hopefully that’s better so. Today’s interview I thought it went really well, it was real interesting to learn how Venture Capitalist and Angel investors work, how they get paid, how to pitch them and I believe that you are going to like the interview as well.

[00:01:08] The other idea I had as we were doing it is, I want to bring on two or three of the Podcasters from Hawaii that have large subscriber basis. And then bring on one or two of the radio Executives from KKEA or Cox actually. And then have an open discussion and let that be a forum for more or less debate or collaboration or ideas or whatever it maybe and how trust your radio is making the move or how Podcasting is making the move? I talked to Ryan Ozawa about it because I really like Ryan, he is real helpful. I think he has his, his intentions are correct and I’ll do whatever I can to help him. So I talked to him about it and I think we’ll schedule that probably for the end of the month or probably next month. I want to do it where we can launch it somewhat quickly so that just in case that information is dated or we are missing something, it’s still pertinent and he seem a real up beat on it. I thought it was an interesting idea. Ryan passed the program direction he thought is a good idea. So we are going to do it.
[00:02:22] Today I had to, well I got a message from Kealoha who is the slam poet. See the stupid thing that I did was, when we were recording Kealoha’s interview initially there was a part in there, there he said, Hi you got to take that out so I took it out but since I am an idiot and I don’t understand really how to use this equipment, I only saved from that point on which meant I lost the first 40 minutes of the interview and that was a good, good interview. It was funny and enlightening and it’s just a lot of fun and I am super pissed off that I lost it. But hey what can you say, so he said, he could do it but he is going on a trip next week and he is doing these events. So I don’t know and the last one when we did was, I think we ended at 1:30 in the morning, we started like 11:30 or 12:00 or so. I mean it was, I was dead tired but man we had a lot of fun. Now that we are doing these in the radio studio I don’t think he can do it. So we can’t do it at that time. So I guess we are going to see, we are going to see how it goes and I’ll guess I’ll call him back and tell him next couple weeks and that should be okay.

[00:03:31] The other person that I wanted to redo their interview is, Adam Wong, because we always mention Adam in Great Harvest Bread Company and he is kind of the example for what we are looking at in terms of your community involvement impacting your business in a positive way that you are making more money and the sound quality in there and so many breathing inside of the mics. I am going to make that available later because it has a ton of good content. I mean he has got a lot of really good information in terms of franchising and how he chose that franchise, and how he does business and I mean the guy is only 29 but he is on track to five different stores this year. And the last one he opened was record breaking. So I really wanted to do it right. So Monday we are going to be rerecording that one. And then I also invited him to come Skurfing with us because the guy can surf pretty good and that’s actually how I met him. I don’t know we probably didn’t say that inside the interview but I met him a couple years back because there is a surf area in Hawaii its called Tongs its on South Shore of Hawaii between Diamondhead and Waikiki and it was probably a week day like a Tuesday at 10 O’clock in the morning and he and I were the only ones out. And then if you the only ones out eventually you start talking to each other and you know we hit it off and got along and for a while there we were the only ones out there until I have my first my son and then three months you’re zombie man. Actually we were trying to record earlier Kari and I to do the nightly recap but turns out that Colton was kept crying and it was just too irritating. So we didn’t do it that way. But Adam is coming in Monday we are going to redo that and do it right. So I am really looking forward to that and I hope you guys will like it as well.

[00:05:21] There is one episode here is Evan’s Journal, which is the 21st of 2005 that was deleted and that one was a day that I was super, super depressed. I mean it was a really tough day, it was a day that I was absolutely convinced. I was going to convince my main sponsor to sponsor the show for, actually now it’s pretty substantial amount of money and I got turned down, flat down I mean, flat on my face turned down and I was shocked. I mean I was so shocked that I was depressed, because I was so sure I was going to get it and it didn’t happen. It was, I went in unprepared, I thought I could just sell my way into it and it totally did not work. And I felt depressed man. I describe it as the feeling you get in seventh grade when you first asked out that girl that you absolutely or just dieing to go out with and you ask her out, you finally get the courage, you ask her out and then she tells you, oh on way. And your friends are watching. I mean if you are going to imagine what it would like you can’t move, your stomach wrenches into a ball and it sounds weird that I feel that way now after doing business for so long and negotiations for so long and but I mean I felt it in my gut. And it was so painful that I had to take a nap after that. I’ll tell you, I took a nap, I took an hour a nap. I was just dead tired and about a minute into that meeting I was hearing all you know successful people will never want to interview with you and successful people, all they want to do is, they want to make money and do what they want and they don’t want anyone to have any attention and Hawaii is a small place and so on and so on. So I don’t know if it’s devil’s advocate or what but it was pretty darn depressing I mean. I came up pretty depressed. But then as I was sitting in there another man came in and he was talking about his business experience and so on. And said that no he would never do an interview too an older gentleman. I asked him how he was and he totally blew me off but I am sure he is probably about 70, 60s or 70s at least he did not look young. And then he was telling me other stories and so on. The startings were good and obviously I have something to learn but the thing that I really learned on that day, was that what we are doing here is extremely valuable. Because it’s offering people an opportunity to look into people’s lives that are ahead financially or in terms of their careers or running a business or just in terms of awareness and living a fulfilling life. And to get a chance to talk with these people and interact with them and spend personal time is so valuable I mean I am getting a lot out of it just doing the interviews and listening to it over and over again. I mean it’s I am seeing the impact it’s having in terms of my outlook the way I treat my children, the way I treat my wife, the way I think about business, it makes a big difference if you can get that kind of an influence and that’s really what we are trying to do with the show.

So today was a really good day. I was really happy with today it feels like all of the moving parts are now starting to move in the same direction and it’s that, I don’t know if any of you folks have been involved with start ups but it’s like just so many moving parts moving in all different directions and then if you can get to that one point where it’s all starting to move in one direction. It’s a great feeling. So this is pretty much to the end of my workweek Thursday in terms of daily workweek or doing interviews or so on. I was going to work at night because that’s when I correspond with India and programmers there and Taiwan and internationally because it’s daytime for them. But tomorrow again we are going on Skurfing, going to go out and ride some waves with Kekoa and I am going to get my stress out so that I can treat people nicely and do a good job at what I am doing. Talk to you tomorrow.