Hawaii Business Magazine pitch, Jon de Mello meeting and Ryan Ozawa lunch

Hawaii Business Magazine pitch
Jon de Mello meeting
Ryan Ozawa lunch

Evan: Today is Wednesday July 27, 2005 and this is Evan’s Journal. Tonight we are doing it a little bit differently. I am just going to do it as a conversation with Kari. That way we can kill two birds with one stone; I can update her on today and we can also keep the Journal at the same time. So, that is what we are doing tonight.

[00:00:21] Kari: And who knows I maybe doing a Journal every night with you.

[00:00:24] Evan: That will be good that will be, it’s more interesting.

[00:00:27] Kari: So, in about a month you might be calling it Evan and Kari’s Journal.

[00:00:31] Evan: It’s just a little bit uncomfortable that the microphone’s on and I still use to have like that, it’s kind of recording man [voice overlapping].

[00:00:36] Kari: Now, well I know.

[00:00:41] Evan: So, the first thing, it was the meeting this morning. You know, the meeting this morning at 8:30? We met with Kelly Abe Trifonovitch who’s the one that okayed our bubble tea supply article. So actually it was pretty good…

[00:00:54] Kari: She’s to also be in the news earlier?

[00:00:56] Evan: Yeah, yeah, she said, she was on like Channel9 or something and then she moved to doing something else but I don’t know other journalism things. But it’s interesting because she was talking about that she — she was talking about like, women in the workplace and then she was saying that when she wrote that article, she had like a column about lactation and being able to, –I think it was like, being able to breast-feed at work. And then she said that she passed it by the upper management and they were like, oh my Gosh, because they are all men. But then the magazine got such good; I guess feedback in terms of that, because they have like 52% women.

[00:01:35] Kari: Oh yeah, I am sure, and no, no I am sure everybody had their own opinion about it.

[00:01:38] Evan: Yeah, because guys, they don’t know about that but you know the meeting went pretty good.

[00:01:46] Do you know how Hawaii Business Magazine works?

[00:01:50] Kari: Yeah, you have explained to me that basically the companies that are featured write their own articles on them. And then, right…?

[00:01:58] Evan: No, no, no, what I am talking about like, how it works like the company itself. So what I mean is that there is like — there is a company called AIO that is the parent company for Pacific Basin Communications, which own Honolulu Magazine, Hawaii Business Magazine, Star-Bulletin, Midweek or a portion of Star-Bulletin/Midweek and then Downtown Planet and I think it’s like Pacific Magazine or some others. So they are all run by the same company and they all kind of are in the same more or less conglomerate but they operate independently. So since we work with Randal — did you meet Randal?

[00:02:36] Kari: No.

[00:02:37] Evan: Okay. Well Randal is the KKEA General Manager. He is the one who set up the meeting with Kelly, so at least we kind of had that kind of warmth.

[00:02:44] Kari: Where did you guys go to breakfast at?

[00:02:46] Evan: Francine’s.

[00:02:47] Kari: What kind of food is that?

[00:02:48] Evan: It’s like kind of local food it’s pretty good have this like fried rice with kalua pig and I don’t know had egg on top you know but after that want to eat with Ryan and…

[00:03:02] Kari: Right after?

[00:03:04] Evan: Like couple of hours…

[00:03:05] Kari: I mean yeah, I know.

[00:03:06] Evan: Like Taiwan, just keep dieing it’s so much food but I don’t know, it was good. The meeting went real well because she had that mindset she said, you know, she read the stuff that I had gave her and she actually reads really fast so.

[00:03:18] Kari: Is that the stuff that you were working on last night?

[00:03:20] Evan: Yeah, finally you know, the overview I finally got finished and then she said that it was, it’s kind of a long lines of what they are doing. I guess the gist tough is, is that we are going to start off in the — as an online columnist instead of in the regular Print Magazine because print I guess is expensive and then they guard that content much more than they do the Internet portion I guess.

[00:03:46] Kari: Because it’s free.

[00:03:47] Evan: And quite easier to start this on the Internet you can delete it any time but I got to know – so we got to put our pieces together, we have to put, she said we can do kind of whatever we want almost as long as it fits entrepreneurship and it matches with their readership and it adds value, for people making more money in their businesses.

[00:04:09] Kari: Do we need to put together those short summaries of each person also?

[00:04:14] Evan: I think the short summary is more for Greater Good Radio though.

[00:04:17] Kari: The .com right.

[00:04:18] Evan: Yeah, yeah that’s more for our side…

[00:04:20] Kari: But don’t you think that it will help us put together our articles or is that article just a fake one or is that on somebody that we already interviewed.

[00:04:27] Evan: No, I think the article can be anything from like our perspective on something to like a question and answer…

[00:04:33] Kari: Also it just has to be consistently the same thing as you talk.

[00:04:36] Evan: No, I guess not. She said I have pretty good leeway and send her some samples so, figure maybe send like one or two samples of each, like the Q&A ask an entrepreneur and then do another one for like social entrepreneur of the month and maybe help highlight how they are doing their community work and making it work with their business. I don’t know, we just got to put some stuff together we’ll do it in the next couple of days I guess. Yeah which means like two weeks for us.

[00:05:10] Kari: Not necessarily.

[00:05:11] Evan: Not for me, but yeah I asked Randal what he thought about it and he said, he thought it went well.

[00:05:18] Kari: What is Randal’s position again?

[00:05:20] Evan: He is General Manager; he moved from, I forget — he moved from one or the other companies within that group, he was a CFO. Might have been in Pacific Basin or might have been Hawaii Business Magazine, I don’t know. I should have been paying attention more I think. But then after that so, I got done with that meeting it was like 9:45 or so and then I figured you know what I am just going to go to Mountain Apple because Jon and Leo — Jon had left a message and he said, I want to give you some feedback, and figure and Ahh, I got an hour before the next meeting so, I just went over there.

[00:06:02] Kari: So, that’s pretty valuable?

[00:06:04] Evan: Yeah, I mean I figured I might as well show up right, why not. Is your microphone touching your shirt over there?

[00:06:12] Kari: I can’t see it.

[00:06:15] Evan: Try to keep it from hitting the shirt because it might be…. see yeah, that’s better. That Jon, talking about Jon was real interesting too, especially after that interview yesterday. He asked how, how I thought went and I told him that is kind of what exactly like my Posts I mean in terms of the message but the delivery was different and the content and everything and it’s really excellent and then he said he thought it a bit more also.

[00:06:43] Kari: He is pretty comfortable he is comfortable at just doing anything I guess.

[00:06:47] Evan: He totally stopped reading though — the questions.

[00:06:51] Kari: I guess those were just prompt questions are not necessarily…

[00:06:56] Evan: So, what do you think, it mean he suggested we just do it in the beginning; you want to go in tomorrow and just do it straight up in the beginning? So, we’ll go in and then we’ll do our intro and then our lead in for Robinson and then, and then do our, I guess they call them ID station, IDs and just do it once and then we just do our interview all the way through and have them cut it in half?

[00:07:16] Kari: Oh you mean, the after show and stuff.

[00:07:19] Evan: Yeah, yeah, that way we just go straight through without taking those breaks and we just cut it in half, we have the engineer figure it out.

[00:07:26] Kari: Yeah, we could.

[00:07:28] Evan: Let’s just try it out.

[00:07:29] Kari: I am not really sure if they are trying for it to be easier for themselves where like yesterday he said, that you are trying not to stop.

[00:07:38] Evan: No, no it’s not it wasn’t the radio station doing, it’s Jon said, do it that way and then just moving in.

[00:07:45] Kari: No, I know but then yesterday it seemed like Chris didn’t want to do too much editing because it’s going to take too long, that’s why he said, let’s just try not to stop like we did…

[00:07:57] Evan: Was that he said?

[00:07:58] Kari: Yeah, _ and stuff.

[00:08:00] Evan: Oh, I don’t know, well we have a new guy tomorrow, his name is Michael and Michael is, I think is more familiar with the equipment, I think Chris is just kind of overloaded.

[00:08:08] Kari: Okay, now I am just and I am just wondering if they are trying to not to have to edit so much.

[00:08:15] Evan: Probably easier.

[00:08:16] Kari: Right.

[00:08:16] Evan: Obviously.

[00:08:17] Kari: So, that’s why I am wondering, I think that will be interesting if we just do one hour interview, I think it’s important…

[00:08:23] Evan: No, we do it one hour but then we split and then we add in the station IDs and our opening and closing and then they just put it together after.

[00:08:31] Kari: Right, I think it’s going to be helpful to have some questions with to know not necessarily to read off the paper but you know how sometimes you are not really sure where to go next. It’s just as a guide.

[00:08:48] Evan: No I think we, he said they have it written out but then put it in your head and then talk about it normally like instead of — so nobody can tell you’re reading it and it just flows…

[00:08:58] Kari: You mean so instead of saying so.

[00:09:03] Evan: Yeah instead of reading it like this, like if I look at this paper and it’s, “Welcome to Greater Good Radio Jon can you know tell us a bit about the Mountain Apple company.”

[00:09:10] Kari: Yeah, exactly so tell me about — it doesn’t sound bad, it just sounds too formal as opposed to a dialogue.

[00:09:20] Evan: So, I just think about that one because Randal said that, he thought that we should have Chris do one of the interviews, so we can hear how other people sound and then Chris emailed us back saying, now just you guys sound okay.

[00:09:34] Kari: Well, I think that’s good that he said, we sound okay, but I think it would be helpful to, to see another perspective of maybe how he would do it. I don’t know if it’s just, he doesn’t want to do it because of time like, he doesn’t have the time to do it or what? But like I have mentioned to you, I would love to interview you because you are interesting, you give a lot of insight into your thoughts and even though we have been together for ten years, we have been together right? For ten years, not married but together.

[00:10:05] Evan: No, nine years, eight.

[00:10:07] Kari: Oh, nine years, you are right.

[00:10:09] Evan: Eight.

[00:10:10] Kari: Nine because us, I mean yeah.

[00:10:12] Evan: Nine, yeah nine.

[00:10:14] Kari: Well anyway, you still surprise me and still enlighten me.

[00:10:20] Evan: [Laugh], don’t you say that because we are recording.

[00:10:22] Kari: Yeah.

[00:10:23] Evan: That’s sweet, so silly.

[00:10:25] Kari: Putting on my radio talk now.

[00:10:27] Evan: Yeah, but you know the thing that really was cool, I need to get my note pad over here from my meeting with Jon, he said also what we can do is tell, tell the interviewee how long the answer should be. So say you know, maybe to try and keep your answers to a couple of minutes because otherwise they don’t know it could be four questions, I guess nearly and it goes the whole half hour.

[00:10:52] Kari: Did he feel uncomfortable with that or did he feel like he had to keep talking or…

[00:10:56] Evan: He said, he felt comfortable because he had a good gist of, of what it was, what the show was about and he is kind of used to doing that but for other people than me, he said give him a sign, like if he is going too long on something, give him like a okay or that’s good and then go into the next one or you just interrupt but I told, I don’t feel really feel about interrupting because it’s kind of rude, yeah..

[00:11:19] Kari: Well, the point is to just let them talk right? Because Kimo and Chris said that basically we are just to bring out the guest, meaning feature of the guest and just let them talk, yesterday it sounds like.

[00:11:34] Evan: But I mean, I want to get it where — after all the mics go off and then everyone talks and everyone is so relaxed and that’s real, some really good stuff comes out, that’s like the after, after, after show or whatever. But you know that’s when he told us about the Ferrari and about his cars and stuff like that is, that was kind of interesting. I don’t know I thought so. Oh he also said, thought that we should say, Hawaii in it, like this is a Greater Good Radio Hawaii, because he said it’s romantic and it has international appeal, Hawaii has international appeal. And then at lunch when I talked to Ryan Ozawa about it, he said that majority of his listener ship is international, not Hawaii so, what do you think?

[00:12:21] Kari: But do we need to add that to the name?

[00:12:23] Evan: I don’t think we have to add it to the name but maybe we just say like broadcasting live from Honolulu, Hawaii.

[00:12:29] Kari: This is Greater Good Radio broadcasting…

[00:12:32] Evan: Could say broadcasting live, a quarter mile from the beach because almost everything is a quarter mile away from the beach.

[00:12:40] Kari: Or we can start off by, well the problem is I think that this is actually going to be broadcasted on Hawaii radio. So if we say, this is Greater Good Radio broadcasting live in Honolulu, Hawaii in a beautiful sunny day. Our listeners in Hawaii will be like, I know that so what?

[00:13:01] Evan: Yeah, but then I don’t think it will be a detriment.

[00:13:05] Kari: You don’t think they’ll think that’s silly?

[00:13:08] Evan: Do we even have any listeners yet, I mean [Laugh].

[00:13:10] Kari: [Laugh], We can’t say — or I guess you can’t say what the weather is because we don’t know when we are going to broadcast, right? Which interview…

[00:13:18] Evan: I guess yeah, I mean, I don’t think we have to say too much about the weather.

[00:13:23] Kari: Well, I mean I am just saying you know.

[00:13:26] Evan: Yeah let’s try it, we will put it in there tomorrow and then see and then hopefully we can get some feedback…

[00:13:31] Kari: And then you know how Ryan said to you some Hawaiian virtue in there, we shouldn’t do that on the radio because somebody might get offended.

[00:13:39] Evan: What do you mean?

[00:13:40] Kari: We don’t say it correctly.

[00:13:41] Evan: Jon was using all the Hawaiian words like_ what, it’s not like we are trying to quote Hawaiian stuff I mean, it’s not like we are trying to act Hawaiian but things like aloha or give me a break, I don’t think so. I think we can say that kind of stuff. Well, the meeting after that with Ryan it went really well, he was real helpful. The guy is always real helpful that’s why I like to take him to lunch.

[00:14:14] Kari: He is very excited about everything.

[00:14:16] Evan: I think anyone who is ready to do a podcast should go to lunch with him.

[00:14:21] Kari: Oh because he is the one that been doing it, the longest in Hawaii…

[00:14:24] Evan: Hey he gives me a lot of good tips we talked, I was asking about how to organize just things like even the file name of these journals and then he taught me, he said, okay we’ll do the year first and then the month and then the day because that way it will sort properly because I was like, how does they sort? Because I would have the year at the end and then I wasn’t sorting right.

[00:14:43] Kari: Oh that makes sense.

[00:14:44] Evan: So I just changed them all. And then he said we got to fill in the tags properly so I got to make sure the Indian programmers do that.

[00:14:52] Kari: That’s useful advice.

[00:14:54] Evan: Yeah, that was really that was really useful. But then the thing is, he said that this kind of stuff would be more interesting to him than the, I mean well not more but it would be good and then we should launch it now.

[00:15:07] Kari: But would he be interested in hearing about our lives, or is he interested in hearing about business?

[00:15:12] Evan: I guess interested in the process in general, because everybody is kind of wondering right, can you truly make money doing this whole podcasting here…

[00:15:17] Kari: All right the podcast.

[00:15:18] Evan: Right, everybody is wondering right, can you really do it and, and then the email that I got the other day on that Yahoo group was, wow, we should, too bad we didn’t have a recording studio and I was going to respond but I…

[00:15:30] Kari: Also everybody could talk about what they are going through and…

[00:15:33] Evan: They were talking about using the Hawaii public radio studio as they want to just make it open for people to use but I mean you know I thought that’s going to happen. So I don’t know, because I figured how to get this thing on iTunes make it work. So, what are we doing tomorrow then, are you going to do the introduction and write it out or am I?

[00:15:59] Kari: Well, this you have, did he send you anything?

[00:16:03] Evan: He didn’t send me anything but there is something on the UH website, a brief — and actually I think that should have something from school unless I threw it away, probably threw it away, more than likely I threw it away. I wonder if we should just record it now at home. Yeah it’s part have been in the studio.

[00:16:29] Kari: Yeah and if we are not ready to record it at that time if we don’t have it written out yet then we will just do it another time, yeah.

[00:16:37] Evan: We will be ready, we are not going to be not be ready, wake up early in the morning, do it or do it now, I don’t know, one or the other.

[00:16:45] Kari: Well, my early in the morning is quite hectic.

[00:16:48] Evan: No, no, no, I don’t expect you to — I will write it out I am planning it out in the morning. He just confirmed with me, I saw the e-mail come through. So I don’t know, seem like progress is going pretty good though, are we doing Bubble Tea Supplies as sponsor tomorrow?

[00:17:01] Kari: Yeah, I wonder if though, you know how we were sending the prep-form to ask simply their resume and all that information. It’s kind of a lot of information and things for them to do. And we haven’t really got too many ones back; you think it’s practical?

[00:17:18] Evan: Well, we only sent to two people so far.

[00:17:20] Kari: No, I know but you know being that these people are — who they are, I mean can they fit in the time to do it?

[00:17:26] Evan: I don’t know, don’t you think some of them have it already? Like Jon’s one is on their website and then I think Robinson’s one is on the UH website so I think we should be able to find it more or less, I don’t know, I hope so. And then tomorrow if I can finalize all the contract stuff with Chris….

[00:17:54] Kari: I wonder if we should drive separately.

[00:17:57] Evan: Might be a good idea, where are you going after that?

[00:18:00] Kari: Sure, home. Probably take my mom to lunch since she is going to be babysitting.

[00:18:06] Evan: Okay. Is your hair brushing against the mic?

[00:18:09] Kari: I don’t know, I am trying to keep it out of it but there is a lot of things that I need to…

[00:18:15] Evan: All right so that’s pretty much the update for today, just cut it now then.

[00:18:21] Kari: Okay, bye.

[00:18:23] Evan: Later.