Adam Wong Interview #2

Adam Wong Interview #2
Strong ad copy vs. selling itself
Podcaster and radio show is on
Show editing progress
Web site progress
Bill Richardson interview

Today is October 1st, 2005. It is Monday and what a wonderful Monday it has been. We did the interview with Adam Wong actually his second interview because the first one, I guess the levels weren’t as good as they could be and there is some breathing in it so, we did it again. Although Michael who is show’s engineer and producer now said that he could take that stuff out, so we’ll see because I have got really two good hours of solid content from Adam Wong’s first interview. And then you can hear the difference in how we sound in the conference room of Hawaii National Bank using Lavalier mics and how we sound in the radio studio using the RE20s.

So today’s interview I thought went really, really well. One thing that was interesting is he talked about 6% of his sales goes toward these community related marketing projects and one of them was giving away free cookies. They gave away 15,000 free cookies to the __ race and I mean that’s mind-boggling and if you reverse engineer out the 6% you can figure out the revenue yourself, that’s quite a bit.

[00:01:18] One of the issues that we are dealing with currently is I am trying figure out ad copy. Should I be writing really strong compelling ad copy or just do some type of a quick listing for the aftershow portions? Because after show is truly what’s going to be supporting this progress in this company and we really don’t need that many people to purchase the after shows I mean even though they are couple of dollars, it doesn’t even need that many hundred, thousand or so or whatever it may be to actually purchase which is I mean give me a break. The way I’ll think about it is, if it’s $3, it’s going to cost them less to purchase that aftershow for $3 then it would for a long distance phone call. So I don’t know if people can’t see the value in that then, maybe they shouldn’t listen to that part. But this is something that I am wrestling with currently.

[00:02:12] The Podcaster and radio show is now on, officially on, we are going to have Ryan Ozawa who is the President of Hawaii Association of Podcasters, Todd Cochrane, who wrote the book on Podcasting and does GeekNewsCentral. And Kimo Akane who is doing Kimo’s Vegas, which is a regular radio show but he is also a 30-year veteran of radio and he has his own office there in Cox Studio. So the perspective is very, very interesting. I think this show is going to be excellent. I mean all I read in the PodSphere and blogosphere are speculation in terms of what radio maybe thinking while now we are going to get to hear exactly what radio thinks. Because radio will be on the show and that’s scheduled for next week, August 12th, we’ll get that recorded and then we’ll have to, of course do our show edits and all that. So we are looking at getting that thing out, I guess toward the end of August and I am sure that that’s going to be very, very interesting show.

[00:03:12] The editing process that we are going through now is quite extensive. I mean now we are doing Billboards, they call them Billboards for the opening and closing and then the Station IDs that we are prerecording as we come into the interviews and then also the IDs that the interviewees have been leaving those are, this is Doctor Gary Bell from Spinal Dynamics and Serenity Spa you are listening to Kari and Evan Leong – Greater Good Radio, those types of things will be added into the show. I am pretty pleased so far with what Michael Bennett’s been able to do, it seems like he has a really good year and I am really excited to see what he is going to come up with? I guess between now and Wednesday we need to come up with the copy points and figure out how these promos are going to be. But I mean people have been super helpful Kimo is going to help with some of the voice-overs, Chris is helping with a number of the writing and then Michael is going to put it altogether. So it will be very interesting and then after that I am going to take you to over to Jon de Mello and Jon offered to give his critic or his advice on the finished product or work in progress as you may call it. So I am really excited in this editing progress and I am hoping, I am really excited to see what they come up with?

[00:04:32] Website is moving along, also we are going to making progress on that, it’s not as fast as I would like but stuff takes time. So just got to be patient. Finally we have got the layout up there, we have got the rating system up there, number things I think need to be changed in that rating, (1) I don’t think people should be able to vote more than once on the same exact post. Otherwise it creates too much bias and then (2) we need to get this polling system up where we can start posting up questions and topics and potential interviewees and people can vote on it. So that exactly we know what to ask the up incoming guest.

[00:05:16] The guest coming in on Thursday, I am really excited about is Bill Richardson. He is one of the only, I don’t know if it’s one of the only but he is one of the top Venture Capitalist here locally. His father is William Richardson who the University of Hawaii Law School is named after. So he comes from a solid family. And Bill is actually a attorney by trade but now he is a Venture Capitalist. Some of the companies they have invested in are Digital Island, which already went public and had a big ramp up from there then I guess it’s got acquired by another company and then most recently, is Hoku Scientific which has filed their papers to go IPO and I believe next week we’ll be there IPO, so will see how that goes. These are exciting times for Bill Richardson’s company and then we are going to talk to him about that on Thursday so that should be an excellent show in itself.

All right that’s it for Evan’s Journal. It is August 1st, 2005, starting off the month strong. And I will talk to you tomorrow.

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