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Mic Levels
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Today is August 2nd, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal and it is Tuesday.

[00:00:08] Okay the first thing on the list, since this is actually a redo I had a whole another segment that I had already done for this and realized that my mic levels were not checked. I guess what happens is when you reset your computer the recording levels change for the microphone and goes all the way back up and since I am using this preamp and this, I don’t know what you call it, condenser microphone it was just way too loud, so it clipped, it was distorted and it sounded like crap. So I just decided to redo it. Hopefully this works out better. I started off today really, really good. I woke up typically 6:30 or 7:30 in that range. Today I think it was closer to 7:30. But normally in the morning I get work done. I do quite a bit of writing. I answer emails. I correspond with India. I correspond with India late at night too. So that’s why I am up now, it’s about 11 o’clock and I am recording this and I am pretty much dead tired man. I am pooped out.

[00:01:19] But this morning I started off good. I needed to do exercise because I am typically exercising Tuesday and Friday and today it was Tuesday so I need to get my exercise and decided I am going to go kiting, it’s called Kiteboarding. It’s where you, it’s almost like windsurfing but you have this big kite and a surfboard, modified looking board, almost like a wakeboard and I did it in Kailua. Initially I wasn’t going to go because it didn’t seem like the wind was very good. You can check the wind at different parts of the Island on these websites, which is super cool. And then I called out to the surf shop out there and asked them how it was. I just figured out, I was going to get out of the house I got to get going because when you just working and everything just builds up and you got to release it, today was one of those days. So I had a really good Kiteboarding session. I caught some pretty good air. I had some decent wipeouts and nonetheless the people at the beach are always pretty friendly. It was pretty good I guess. And then when I came back I got some more work done.

[00:02:26] And then I ended up going to my meeting for this Chinatown project and that, I got to tell you this is starting to wear me down quite a bit. I am running Bubble Tea Supply, also eTreo.com, which is the Web Consulting and then doing this Greater Good Radio project. I mean this is tiring enough, along side with that doing another non-profit project for Senator Hiram Fong Foundation and then this Chinatown project. This Chinatown project thing started off as a project for our Executive MBA at the University of Hawaii and there was our Capstone, which the final project of your curriculum. And the basic justice that we have, three organizations that run Chinese New Year events and they’re somewhat prominent organizations. They don’t correspond with each other, they don’t talk to each other necessarily, they just do their own thing. So there is a lot of confusion amongst the public of whose event is what and what’s going on with, when, people get calls for other people’s events and there is a real gap in terms of marketing. So we went in there, put a marketing plan together; put a business plan together for them. And we are on the process now of doing these joint marketing.

[00:03:49] But I tell you man it’s frustrating, it is super frustrating because this is more or less managing conflict is what it is. It’s like managing different personalities and the thing that’s really pissing me off is when people who have not been there for a long time end up coming and then they don’t even know it’s irritating. I don’t know if you folks have experienced that before I am sure you have but it is pretty darn irritating and today is one of those days where I am like, how am I even doing it? It’s just bugging me. But enough complaining for the night I guess the thing that I am trying to figure out now is, how do I manage all these projects at the same time? Because I like each projects in their own right. But almost on some days it just seems like too much so almost going to sleep on it and deal with it tomorrow is what I am going to do, just get away.

[00:04:52] And I am really feeling bad too because it seems like I am overtaxing not just myself but it seems I am like overtaxing Kari and it’s odd because, it was not odd, I mean it’s just she has recovered so fast from this pregnancy I mean from the delivery it’s only really seven weeks after but she is just up and moving and running errands and doing things and she is almost like super woman just keeps doing things and doing things and she doesn’t necessarily know how to stop. So she goes until, she is actually physically get sick and I really don’t want that to happen. So now I am trying to figure out we have gone, I mean we went from the first level, which is us working just round the clock to us being able to find other people to help us and then being able to actually own a business. But now it’s like, how do we take a step back? Another step back and really get to that next level where we are– we can do much more without actually having to do day to day things or things like that. So I don’t know that’s what we are working on currently.

[00:06:00] Tomorrow we are going into the station to record promos and I tell you what? This has been really bugging me too because I keep meaning to sit down and try to write these things out but my brain is like mentally numb. I am having a really hard time thinking about it. So I just, I don’t know if it’s blowing it off or what but we are just going to take our notes in and then tomorrow hopefully Michael, who is the Engineer or Chris or one of the guys and they can help us out actually putting together the promo piece, which, more or less we should be good at in terms of sales and marketing but I don’t know if it’s just my mind? My mind is not running too good tonight. So we are going there tomorrow and then see how that goes.

It will be interesting to hear how the whole radio thing is put together because when we go in there to record, we record. Now what we are doing is, we are recording the introduction and then the station IDs and then even the conclusion portion and then we just go with the interview straight. And then it’s pieced together after and then Michael has to add in some music in and clips and things like that. So I mean really interested to hear how that’s going to sound because all we hear is our talking and then we don’t really hear it after, until it’s all done. So hopefully that comes out good, I am sure it will, we’ll make sure it does so we’ll see.

[00:07:26] Thursday is Bill Richardson who is a local Venture Capitalist. He is involved with a number of companies, one of them being Digital Island that went public and then was sold. Another company that’s going public next week I believe its called Hoku Scientific they do field sales.

[00:07:43] And then I think he is involved with this new fund called Dragon Bridge, which is bringing Chinese Companies into the United States and I don’t know if they are coming through Hawaii or they are locating in Hawaii or what’s really the deal? But I think they raised hundred million or something pretty substantial. So that’s good for Hawaii. It gives Hawaii some credibility and I talked to the Executive Director of that program today, a really, really nice lady whose actually really educated, Stanford Undergraduate in Berkeley Law School or the other way around, like me and my mind is just short. But we will see on that. We’ll have her on and then talk about the Dragon Bridge in a future show.

Okay so that’s going to be it for tonight show and we appreciate your support please check us out at greatergoodradio.com. Please purchase the after shows; please help us out in spreading the word of social entrepreneurship and also completely revamping the way business education is done. Okay I am out for tonight and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.