The virus is starting – Gail from

The virus is starting – Gail from
Podcasting show
It feels like we’re gaining momentum
Henk Rogers of Blue Lava and Jamdat confirmed
I’ll work on the calendar soon

Today is August 12, 2005 and this is Evan’s Journal. It’s Friday and I’m broadcasting live from Honolulu, Hawaii in my upstairs home office.

[00:00:10] Today’s Podcasting Show went extremely, extremely well. I think that once we launch it and you guys get a chance to hear it, you’re going to be very, very pleased with it. The dialog between Todd Cochrane, Ryan Ozawa and Kimo Akane was excellent. Kemo’s insight into radio and the history of radio and how it’s integrating with podcasting – I learned a lot. So, I’m going to do my best to have that available as soon as possible, which really means, I don’t know. At least two weeks I would think but we’re editing and getting rid of the “ums’ and “ahs” and so on. I guess if Ryan or Todd say just put it up, then we may do that too, it just depends on everyone’s consensus. But, it is definitely going to be a show for you guys to listen to. I think it definitely has a lot of value.

[00:01:11] The virus is starting. The virus is starting. We’re on a roll.

[00:01:16] Interestingly enough I got a call today from Gail at She has a web site that does food reviews as well as info on restaurants and chefs and their podcast at A really nice lady and I met them at the Hawaii Association of Podcasters Meeting which we hold at the beach. So for those of you who aren’t in Hawaii, we hold it at a place called Kaakaako Beach Park, a really nice area with concrete bench areas and right alongside the ocean.

[00:01:53] But I can’t help that every time we’re there I feel like I should be swimming or catching waves in the ocean because there always seems to be waves when we have these meetings. Nonetheless that’s where I first explained, more or less the concept of what we’re trying to do here with Greater Good Radio and how we’re trying to tie in social entrepreneurship and then take it to the next level and fund non-profits and so on.

[00:02:116] It’s just something that’s exciting, really exciting to talk about. I noticed that I’m excited and then other people get excited and I think some of them don’t even know why they’re excited, it’s just that I’m excited. But Gail called me today or actually I called her and she was explaining that she was down as well, and that there was a piece missing in her business model and she thinks that might be the piece. So, they’ve recently put together a relationship of some sort with the Hawaii Food Bank which gives food to organizations that can’t afford to have their own food. And she’s really starting to come into her own. But the interesting thing is we haven’t even launched the interview portion yet.

[00:03:08] But Duane passed on to me this New Distinction, I’ll call it, a way of thinking and then that’s been passed on down to her and then she will pass it on to someone else and it’ll become contagious. So if the virus, which is social entrepreneurship and the community working with business and more profits for everyone in general, man I’m excited for the future. I think that it definitely shows. It totally feels like we’re gaining momentum now and it’ll take us right into the gate for when we start launching.

[00:03:46] Henk Rogers was just confirmed today. I talked to his assistant, Joy, a really, really nice lady. I really appreciate meeting the assistants that work for some of these top entrepreneurs. I know that it’s sometimes a thankless job and sometimes it’s very hard and stressful, but I know that the value that they offer is just second to none. And just getting a chance to talk to them and getting to know them, talking to them about their families, like I talked to Linnie today, who is Lynne Kaneshiro’s assistant. Lynne Kaneshiro owns Island Title which I believe is the second largest title company here in Hawaii. She was telling me her son is named Evan and you know, things like that. So, it’s real interesting to get to know these people and the cool thing is that the feedback that they’re giving us on the show is great, it’s great. I’m very excited about that interview and I really want to know how it is that you take a company and you sell it for a $100 and I think 30 something million in cash. How do you do that?

[00:05:03] I’m going to be working on the calendar soon so that we can be posting what interviews are coming up, when they’ll be released and bios of these people so you know what to expect. We’re getting there. I know it’s been taking longer than expected but, I guess things just take longer than expected and that’s just kind of how it goes.

[00:05:24] So, I’m doing the show earlier today, it’s actually only 3:00 in the afternoon but I’m going to be taking my son to the swimming pool for his last swimming lessor. Our other son had his immunization shots yesterday so my wife is taking care of him. And I’m going to try to take it a little bit easy this afternoon I guess. And then get ready to get back up, get in gear and work again tomorrow.

[00:05:50] Okay, so I will talk to you folks maybe over the weekend. Or maybe on Monday, hope you guys have a great weekend and we’ll talk to you soon.