Graduation from UH EMBA

Graduation from UH EMBA
George Takei of Star Trek
David McClain Interim President of UH
KHON2 News with Gina Mangieri
Lance’s comments on Evan’s Journal
Greater Good Radio’s Calendar

Today is August 14, it’s Sunday and this is Evan’s Journal broadcasting live from Honolulu, Hawaii.

[00:00:06] Today was my graduation day from the University of Hawaii’s Executive MBA program. I think all in all, everything went well. I arrived there pretty much on time. I actually only kind of dozed off maybe about five minutes, ten minutes, but the ceremony itself I thought went by really quickly.

[00:00:28] The Keynote Speaker or I guess whatever you call it, the guy actually in the middle, was George Takei from Star Trek, Mr. Zulu. So he had an interesting talk, I thought that was good

[00:00:41] But the person I was really impressed with was David McClain. He came off really professional, his speaking, I don’t know if it’s intonation or what but there’s something about the way certain people talk like Donald Trump. It’s just when they talk there’s something about the way they talk and it makes it really compelling. And that’s how David McClain spoke, so I thought that was excellent. I’m definitely glad that it is over and it was a lot of work. So, I don’t know, looking forward to the future.

[00:01:17] KHON 2 News was there taking interviews and lo and behold, Gina Mangieri was there. We had interviewed this last week for the Cole Academy and then I saw her the next day in the radio studio because she was doing a commercial for I believe it’s Pacific Century Fellows which is a program that Moofey had put together, based after the “White House Fellows”.

In a nutshell the “White House Fellows” is a competitive program where people will apply and if they get in will be able to rub elbows with the top people in Washington, D.C. as well as network with peers that are on the fast track. So, Moofey made a program here for Hawaii, Gina was in it and she’s I guess giving a testimonial, I’m not really sure. But we saw her that day and then today I saw her again at the graduation. So, she interviewed me a little bit and then I’m on the KHON 2 News. I’m going to record it on my TVO. So, if any of you are out there, hope maybe you saw It and tell me what you think.

[00:02:26] Okay, Lance Higa, who is inside of our EMBA, class gave me some comments. It’s always interesting to know who is actually listening to this thing, because I just do it, but you know, I guess people actually listen and it’s interesting to hear their feedback. So, Lance was, “hey dude, I heard your thing, but you complaining too much.” I’m like, “huh”. He goes, “yeah, sound like you’re tired.” I was like, “man, its super late at night”. He goes, “it’s only 10:00”. So I’m going to do my best from here on out, not to sound tired and the way I’m going to do that is by doing this earlier, which I am doing now. Okay, so thank you Mr. Higa for that comment and I will work on it.

[00:03:10] Greater Good Radio’s calendar is up and the idea for the calendar is to show the interviews that we’ve done and we’re going to do and then when they’re available that will move those items into the Greater Good Radio portion in the shows. So what happens is, I guess it’s kind of in queue is what you would call it, and it’s waiting for the audio to be produced and then once it’s available then we’ll roll it out and make it available in the Greater Good Radio. So, very soon, I guess within the next few days you’ll be able to go into the calendar area and view the bios from the people who are on the show, as well as kind of what the show was about and any questions.

We’re going to be posting future interviews as much in advance as we can. If you have questions that you want to ask these people, please email them to me at evan at and I will do my best to ask them those questions. This is a really good opportunity to ask people that for the most part, people won’t get a chance to talk to and find out from them what is either their expertise or opinion or philosophy on whatever question you have. I believe that’s extremely valuable and we want to help out.

That’s going to be it for Evan’s Journal on Sunday. I’ve got to go eat dinner, so I will talk to you folks tomorrow.