Scheduling issues, not enough bandwidth

Scheduling issues, not enough bandwidth
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Today is August 17th, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal broadcasting to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii, in my upstairs office of my home.

[00:00:11] Today’s interview started off with Hank Rogers. We were supposed to do a, not a back-to-back, but a morning interview and then an afternoon interview. Which I have to tell you is really tiring. But Henk Rogers was the first one to come in, in the morning and Hank is the person who started Blue Lava Wireless three and a half years ago and recently sold it off to Jamdat which is a publicly held company, in April this year I believe, for a $137 million dollars. Part stock, part cash, but so today’s valuation is roughly around $137 million.

[00:00:48] That brings up another point I told him, it must be tough deciding, oh should I say it a $137 or a $139 million, must be a nice problem to have.

But Hank had a really interesting story about how he actually obtained the rights for Tetras. As a young adult, I think it was maybe early thirties, he got on a plane and flew to Moscow, I think it was still the Soviet Union at the time, so he went in there, didn’t really know where to go and just kind of made his way around. It’s almost very similar to the role-playing games that he has programmed himself before in the past. Ended up getting a translator, going into meetings with the government and had KGB people involved, but you know there’s no better way to tell that story than for you to listen to it yourself. Hopefully that one will be available soon.

[00:01:43] That brings us to the next point. Soon, what is soon? Because a couple of weeks ago we said, okay we’re going to have a finished show up for you.

It’s a couple of weeks now and we have nothing. Granted we are doing quite a bit of interviews, back-to-back and I believe that the station is maxing out our producer and engineer, Michael. But I’m getting a little bit worried here, whether or not we’re going to make it for the September 3rd date. I mean we’re talking still a couple of weeks but we still need to do the promos and the promos are those thirty second spots that are in other people’s radio shows to promote our show. We haven’t even scripted it out or done anything with that yet.

I am definitely getting worried about that. So, I don’t know we’ll see. I guess if you’re listening to the show, you’re going whoa, this guy he doesn’t sound all that sure of himself. Well, I was just being very honest with you guys. You can feel the ups and downs with me. I’m sure it’s going to work out but right now I’m a bit worried. So, who knows?

[00:02:50] And then you know what else was a first time today? First time for a “no show”. Yep, that’s right, three o’clock we had the interview which is odd to me because I got the bio faxed to me, I believe it was yesterday or so. And then today “no show”, no call, no show, no email, where did our guest go? I don’t know. So that was kind of, I guess if you look at it you can say okay it was a waste of time.

But what ended up happening is we sat in the lobby of the Cox Radio Studio, there are four chairs in there. So I sat in there and was talking with Carrie and Michael a little bit and then a little bit with Cox Radio’s, one of their sales reps, Paul Ahyat And Paul use to play professional baseball, we’re about the same age, he went to Illani High School so we kind of know each other. That fifteen, twenty minutes or so that I talked story with him, I got a lot of really good insight into what we can start doing for selling sponsorship onto the show and then how to bundle and package it.

Because I have to tell you, radio advertising is expensive. It’s not cheap, it’s expensive. So, I’m figuring out the rates and all that and I’ll keep you guys posted. Currently the sponsor is Bubble Tea Supply, so please visit them at and that means that I’m bankrolling the thing. I don’t know, we’re going to see. Like I always say, we’re going to see.

[00:04:26] “Networking with Millionaires”. That’s the name of a recent audio book that I listened to by Thomas Stanley. And Thomas Stanley wrote this book called “The Millionaire Next Door” where he did a research study on, I don’t know how many millionaires. Then put all the data together and found out that, okay millionaires typically buy a car and own it for a long period of time and these are their habits and they buy antique furniture versus buying other furniture. You know it’s little kind of quirky things and just kind of a benchmark to see if we’re doing things, I guess the reader can benchmark themselves against what a millionaire does.

And there’s a difference between millionaire, deca-millionaire, which means ten million and over and then a high income earner. Just because someone earns high income doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re millionaire status. So that was an interesting book in itself, but the follow-up book is called “Networking with Millionaires” and I don’t know if it’s print or just an audio book. I got it from, I’m a member of that. So, I get these audio books every month and I stuck it on my list.

That audio book is pretty good because it talks about the best ways to network with other people and the best ways to approach high net worth individuals. So I think it’s targeted a lot more towards financial people and so on, but it was really evident to me today, I got an email from somebody.

I get emails all the time, but this email was, I talked to so and so and I want to know if you can give me some leads. And I was thinking who in the hell is this? What is this? But I’m polite, well today I was polite and sent it back, saying send me more details and so on. And they sent back something saying, oh I’m trying to make sure that my options are open and then we can team up with people outside my current profession. So that gives a little bit more info but, the first thing that I’m thinking is, where is the level of trust here? There is no level of trust. There is no introduction made. I have no idea who this person is from anyone else and why in the hell would I refer anybody? I mean it doesn’t make sense, that doesn’t make sense to me.

I think about this a lot because I’m emailing other people for a number of things but if I’m going to email somebody cold, I really need to know up front, what is going to be in it for them. Why are they even going to read this? Because the higher up you go, the more emails they’re getting. And they’re busy so what is it that we can offer in order to have them (1) read the email and (2) respond appropriately and basically do what we ask, I guess.

So, “Networking with Millionaires” was an interesting approach because the whole approach was when you approach somebody you’re approaching them with an opportunity for them to enhance their revenue, because it was typically with business people. Enhancing their revenue or their status or fixing a problem, without necessarily just pitching them an idea or your service or whatever. So, it’s almost like giving them something in advance as opposed to just asking for something.

So I’m working hard on trying to implement that with the people that we’re talking to but I mean I don’t know. I was so tempted just to email that back and say, you need to listen to this audio book because what are you talking about. So, anyway, I don’t know.

[00:08:17] What I do know is I need a media kit and I need a sponsor. I don’t need a sponsor that bad yet, but I think once we start getting bandwidth charges and there’s more production costs and we have to put some advertising in there and things like that, the bill gets a little bit up there.

I’m wondering if people are going to download this and actually pay for it. I’m hoping they do and I’m pretty confident they will because it’s valuable info, but nonetheless who knows. If the cost can be covered and then some by a sponsor of some sort, that would make sense to me. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I put a call into the radio station sales executive, one of the head sales executives to help me with the media kit and I just wanted to pick their brain on their approach of how do they lay out a sales presentation, what data are they showing, what objections come up and by doing that I want to take them to lunch because I want them to at least get something out of it, even if it’s just lunch. Then while we’re going through it I’ll think of ways I can help them out as well.

These are things that went on today. That should be about it for tonight, so early show and I will see you tomorrow.