Greg Kim interview

Greg Kim interview
Big Chinatown meeting tomorrow
Lori Komer of Leahi Swim School tomorrow
We need to give Michael some time to edit
GGR website status

Tonight is August 15th, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal and I am broadcasting live from Honolulu, Hawaii.

[00:00:08] This morning we did the interview with Greg Kim and that interview, as with all the interviews went really, really well. This interview in particular though had a special impact on Michael.

Michael told me after this interview with Greg Kim he really understands the social entrepreneurship concept and the way he approached the legal profession and just his overall outlook on life, made an impact on him. When Greg talked about his son and spending time with him and raising funds with him, Michael told me that it brought a tear to his eye but Michael is a little bit sensitive, too, so I’m not sure. It was a touching story, but yeah, I don’t know.

[00:00:57] Anyway, tomorrow is our big Chinatown meeting. This Chinatown thing has been such a challenge. I guess this one of those things in life that you look back on and say, wow that was an interesting experience. But it seems that nobody really understands what our role is and we’re going to go and figure that out tomorrow. So, without dumping all my dirty laundry on you, that’s all I will say for tonight.

[00:01:28] Tomorrow’s interview is with Lori Komer with Leahi Swim School and this week we’re going pretty aggressive. We have an interview on Monday, Tuesday and two interviews on Wednesday, Thursday no interviews and Friday no interviews. So, we need to give Michael some time off to edit. He’s been swamped and we need to get these shows out. We’re like only two and a half weeks away from launch and we still need to get promos, finish our billboards, we’re falling behind so, I don’t know that’s just how it goes, I guess.

The good thing is that for the Greater Good Radio web site, it’s really starting to look nice. I’ve got some of the posts up from the interviews that we’ve done with the pictures. I don’t know it seems to be working out pretty good for me. I put up a brief summary and some of the questions that were asked as well as a bio and any links and hopefully that will be good enough to appease people when they come to take a look at this site.

I’m just wondering if the revenue model was going to work but you know without launching it, we don’t know. We’re installing the BidPass, payment method right now, so we’re going to see how that works also.

Well, it’s a short Evan’s Journal for tonight and I will see you tomorrow.