Second show and aftershows

Second show and aftershows
Tiffany Tanaka owner of We Sell Things 4 U interview
New show format

Today’s September 19, 2005 and this is Evan’s Journal for today. Well, it’s been a little while since I did the last journal but it’s been a little bit hard to keep up so rather then bore you with just little tid-bits of nothing, I just do this a little bit less often. I hope that’s okay. Anyways we finally got our second show up that was on Saturday and we finally got a number of after shows up so if you please, please purchase them. Second show that went out it went out it was good. I thought it was really good and the feed back that we’ve got coming back is that people are hearing about the show they are starting to recognize it and our interviewees as they, I guess they have people calling them, the response has been really good so all in all that stuff has been good.

[00:00:52] Today’s interview we did with Tiffany Tanaka who is the owner of We Sell Things 4 U, a 25 years old young woman and her business is doing well. They have a 16,000 square foot I guess office/warehouse now and they’re an Ebay store where you can take your goods there and they will sell your products there on Ebay for you. That interview will be ready probably in the next; I don’t think it’s going to be ready for the next 60 days or so. So keep an eye out for that and we’ll post it on the web.

[00:1:24] The thing that has been kind of giving us a hard time lately is we are changing the entire format of the show. Where the commercials are going to go. We have produced commercials now because Central Pacific Bank is the sponsor and we have to take old sponsor information out and we have to move things around. We are trying to keep a lot of the notification things really short and that’s the parts where we are talking in breaks and so on. We are going to just replace those out with professionally produced 30 second or 1 minutes spots. I sat down with Kimo Akane and we went through this process and I really hope it’s going to make a difference. It was hard today though in today’s interview because we were trying a new format. We had been off for over a week and I tell you we were off man. It you heard the raw audio of that it sounds like, it just sounds off. A little bit off. The content was okay. I thought it was good. And the interplay was good but it just didn’t seem you know it’s after like you have been playing sports a while and you take a week off it takes a little while to get back into it so I’m going to listen to that later and we’ll see how it goes.

[00:2:38] The after shows that we have up now I guess that it’s only been up actually probably about a day and a half or two days or so. We have people taking a look at it but nobodies purchased it yet. I think a lot of that is because the button is super tiny on the page and then the pages are really big so take a look at that over the next week or so as we revamp that whole section we need to make it easier to do the purchase and more stream lines so that will be coming up also. And we are working on fixing our bugs in production so hopefully we can start turning these things out more quicker and more on time and get our radio schedule totally squared away but as all new adventures go I guess little things get in the way. We’ll just have to see. Okay that’s it for tonight.