Class reunion time

Class reunion time
When it rains it pours
First aftershow purchase
Chatt Wright – President of Hawaii Pacific University interview tomorrow
Chris Lee – Former President of Paramount/Tristar Movie Studio

Today is September 20, 2005. This is Evan’s Journal coming to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii. It is 11:18 at night and I just got back from class reunion meeting, which was pretty interesting. I got my 15th year class reunion coming up next year so we had a small committee meeting. Maybe there were about 8 or 10 people or so. I believe that only, it seemed like two guys only, the chairman and me so everyone else was girls and that’s interesting. The interesting thing to me is that the most of the girls looked pretty much how they looked in high school but the guys are heavier so I don’t know, just a little thing. But you know the thing that I was thinking about tonight was as you see people coming home for their class reunion anytime class reunion type things come up you got this kind of feeling of how am I doing in relation to others and then you see some people and say wow I’m doing better in this relation in maybe my family life or my business or professional career so on. And then you feel like way behind from these other people. So I tell you what man it’s a humbling experience to see some of your class mates that are just almost seem like light years ahead in terms of their careers and their life and it’s a humbling, it’s definitely a humbling experience. But you know that means there is a lot more to learn and a lot more to improve on. This would be an interesting process.

[00:1:52] Anyways, I put down here when it rains it pours and I’ll tell you what that happens when there is a lot of good things going on and it also happens when stuff hits the fan. It’s just amazing when things happen and it seems like okay this I can handle and then something else happens and it’s like oh my gosh and it’s like what next and then something else and something else. I mean we’ve had people that we were relying on that were hospitalized and then our audio files some of them look like they may be corrupt. We’ve had delays on certain things and it’s super frustrating. I mean almost to the point where you want to just you know call it a day and go and take a nap or something. I’m sure everyone has had those types of days. My positive outlook says that those types of days are precursors to really good days and really good weeks and really good things happening. So hopefully that’s true. That’s what I’m counting on and we’re just pushing away and you know all and all everything seems to be pretty descent but you know it can always get better. Right? It can always get better so who knows.

[00:03:15] Well good news is that we had our first after show purchase today and we’re making some more adjustments on that. Waiting to get some more feed back on that and it seems to be going pretty well. It’s not like an overwhelming massive amount of orders or anything. But it seems to be going pretty good considering we just started on that. So I guess time will tell on that and we appreciate any feedback that you have. Please email us at Tell me what you think of these shows, these journals. What we can approve on. What you like. It definitely will help us out. You know don’t be shy, give us an email.

[00:03:54] The interview tomorrow is with Chatt Wright, President of Hawaii Pacific University. Chatt Wright is a really interesting guy. He started at the university in I believe the 70’s and there was something like less then 10 employees I believe and just a couple of classes. Now they’ve got I think its hundreds if not thousands of employees. I have to check all the stats and data that we’ve got. Their endowment there is almost a hundred million I believe and I think their MBA program is the largest in the state. The nursing program is huge, their education program. They’ve got a lot of things going on, they’ve got a lot of international students. It’s a really interesting place to go. I finished my undergraduate work over there. So Chatt Wright is going to talk about his global vision for the university and how they position themselves and that’s going to be a really interesting interview because Hawaii Pacific University has some seriously good marketing so we’ll get into that also tomorrow.

[00:4:56] Another interview that I’m really excited about is with Chris Lee who is the former president of Paramount and Tri-Star Movie Studio. He’s a local born person. He went to Iolani High School. Ended up going to Yale and it just happens that are our company that does e-commerce outsourcing, designed the web-commerce and fulfillment and all of that for his brother and sister’s company which is called Lee Ceramics, which you can see at Chris who started, as I believe just a kind of a gofer kind of position worked his way all the way up to the president of the studio is now running another studio that is called Legendary that basically has raised about a billion dollars in capital. They’re producing the Superman Returns movie in Australia and I think they have 25 other films scheduled for the near future. And he’s heading that up along with a film school at the University of Hawaii so that one is an interview that we had to move things around for also. He’s only in town for a few days. I could not get in the studio so I’m going to go and see him at the University on Thursday. Unfortunately Kerry is not going to be able to make it on that day and time so we’ll just make do and we’ll keep you posted on that. Okay, that’s it for Evan’s journal tonight. We’ll talk to you later.