My new mic

My new mic
Chance meeting at the Podcast Expo
Barry Weinman of Allegis Capital interview
Why Barry Weinman came on Greater Good Radio
Exerpts from Barry Weinman’s interview today
Don’t buy money books article
Preparing for the Pacific Century Fellows retreat
Sports Radio 1420 rebroadcast of Greater Good Radio
Pigeon holed by assumptions – what you do
Expertise vs learning fast
Oceanic around town column
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Evan Leong: Tonight is November 16th 2005, this is Evan’s journal coming to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii and today I am trying out the new Evan’s Journal on my new microphone, it’s an RE-20 Electrovoice Microphone and the main reason I have this microphone is because the last microphone I was quasi borrowing it from my brother, it was a Rhode microphone, really expensive $500-600 mic and he has taken it back so, the excuse that have I lost it didn’t work any more and I have to give it back to him so, got a new microphone and hopefully it sounds because it’s good if not better.

Well, I wanted to share an interesting chance meeting that I had at the Podcast Expo. So the shows that we are doing now Evan’s Journal as well as the Greater Good Radio shows, we are getting them transcribed and kind of the gist of that is, we will offer some of the transcription online, we will offer some of it for download or via e-mail and then the complete version, we will probably put that up there in the subscription or some type of small paid fee of some sort to cover the cost. Anyways we transcribed that in India but the person who handles the transcription is here in United States, it’s an Indian guy but the interesting thing about it is we never ever, ever, ever have met him personally, we’ve talked on the phone once I believe and other than that it’s really through e-mail and I’ll just be real honest I have not had a chance to proofread a lot of the transcripts so that’s why we haven’t seen him except for one of the Evan’s Journal that I looked at and I put it up there and see what kind of response we are going to get. But anyways, I was in the Podcast Expo and the hall in there was probably maybe about a thousand people and then a person came up to me and he was like, hey Evan and I was like hi, who the heck are you? And I thought they were just reading my nametag. He was like, yeah I am Ashish and I said what, he was, yeah I am Ashish, I know you from your picture on the Internet, we do your transcription and I was like no ways, that’s unbelievable, so we started talking, it was great to meet him in person and we hit it off, I mean we are looking at having them do more stuff for us to so, that’s an interesting little story that I thought I would share with you folks.

Today we did the interview with Barry Weinman of Allegis Capital and that interview was quite interesting because Barry initially did not want to come on the show, he gets bombarded by lot of media, he is kind of a if you call it a high profile type person but he deals with such a large amount of money as well as so many different facets of business that a lot of people are taking shots at him as well as trying to you know get his time.

So we are real honored that Barry decided to come on our show and the reason that he came on our show, we will share with you after, actually I will play a clip of it from his interview and then you guys can hear it for yourself, actually you know what? I am going to insert it right here.

Kari: “We definitely appreciate the time that you have taken to come on our show because we know you are very busy. Could you share with us your thoughts and what helped to persuade you to come on our show and share your experience and thoughts and ideas with us?”

Barry Weinman: Well, there are a two or three things, I didn’t know about your show to be honest, when I looked at the list of people who had been on before, I respect the people like Greg Kim and Bill Richardson and Gwen Watanabe and I, because I have turned down most of these request and then I thought well, I know that they are the kind of people, that do give back to the community, they, Greg has done wonderful things for the community, built teachers at the university and mentors kids and I said, well, I better find out more about it so, then I did look into it, a little and I, I think what you are doing is really very valuable, I don’t know the size of the audience, I don’t know the impact but I think the idea is wonderful and again I think entrepreneurs, when they are young they don’t have a lot of money to donate but they can donate their, themselves and I think that’s what sounds like you guys may be doing so I think it’s a great idea.

Evan Leong: What’s the primary message if you had one message that you could push out to the audience, what would that message be from today’s show?

Barry Weinman: Go for it, I mean I think Hawaii has talent that matches talent anywhere in the world and I have been around the world many times and I have looked at very many different societies, I think that Hawaii can compete anywhere but they have tapped the confidence to do it and sometimes they don’t have that confidence, so I would, the message I would leave is take the risk, take the chance, don’t measure yourself by a failure, measure yourself by your ability to get back up and go at it again and I hope the community supports you because it makes it easier but if they don’t you got to do it anyway.

Kari: And can you tell us why people should listen to this show?

Barry Weinman: Well, I think it’s again, I think people need to repetitively hear about success, about giving back to the community, about being part of the community and I think your show helps to solidify that idea and I don’t know of any other show that does, so I think they can learn some things here, I don’t know if they learned anything from me, probably not but the people that you have had they couldn’t learn something from and at the same time, they can may be broaden their views so that they are just not thinking about day to day stuff, they are thinking about where does this fit in the entire community and the community needs this, I mean we need to create quality jobs here, we need to create the kind of lifestyle that is good for the people here.

Evan Leong: That was pretty cool, anyways I read this article yesterday in the, either I think it was the Star Bulletin and it was an article on not buying financial books on how to get rich or how to make money and had rub big picture of Robert Kiyosaki in there and it said that these books are waste of money and most of these people only sell money making books. I kind of agree with that but one thing I really wanted to mention is that if you are not reading books like that and not reading books on self improvement and not trying to get ahead then what are you missing? I think that you are really missing out by not filling your head with something positive and whatever it may be, I think it’s definitely worth while, so I know for a fact that by spending time with these people that we are interviewing and going through these interviews on and editing them and going through it over and over transcripts, I am a different person, I am a better person and I don’t think that there is anyone who can go through all of these and not come out of it a better person.

I am now preparing for the Retreat coming on Friday and Saturday for Pacific Century Fellows, this is been a pretty busy week but Pacific Century Fellows has it’s first formal get-together at the Ihilani Resort and Spa, I don’t think we are going to be partaking of this Spa, however we will be in pretty much group classes for the majority of it I believe. The Pacific Century Fellows is a program that is based after the White House Fellows, it’s a opportunity for younger business leaders to meet each other as well as meet some of the Movers and Shakers in the State and I have more on that after this weekend I fill you guys in and hopefully you can get some of that experience with me.

Sports Radio 1420 is looking to rebroadcast episodes of Greater Good Radio on Wednesdays at 8.p.m. So, I guess that’s a late drive time but we are going to be re broadcasting the show that was broadcasted the previous Saturday. I guess this also gives us an opportunity to do other shows and put them in there but for the most part in the beginning we are going to just be re broadcasting.

One thing I want to talk about is being Pigeon holed by assumptions of people making assumptions by what you do. See this a really interesting thing and it’s always kind of interesting to me because when we were doing bubble tea, I mean we still are but when we are only doing bubble tea, it seem that people would identify us by bubble tea, so it’s like, oh that’s the bubble tea guy or that’s the bubble tea girl and then they put you kind of in this quadrant or this section and that’s kind of how they view you. So one fundraiser I went to, I decided you know what I am going to tell each person that sits at this that because it was in these tables that are all you know stand up kind of round tables meant for like a cocktail party and so on. So I must tell each one of these people a different thing, it’s all going to be a true thing but it’s going to be a different thing so, people would come by and we chit chat and they’ll say, oh what do you do? And I would say, I am a student and then they instantly treat me one way and kind of like, this guy is kind of already done school, the conversation didn’t really progress and then another person would sit, come to the table and then they would ask me and I would say, well, we do e-commerce outsourcing and then the other person who I told, I was a student was, would look and say, ah! And the next person would say, oh we do bubble tea and then the next person that came by we would say something else but the thing that I am trying to express here is that by pigeon holing somebody by what they do you really miss out on a lot of it. It would be the same thing as if I tried to Pigeon hole to increase you as only in Real Estate, I’ll miss out on all the media, all the other businesses, all the community things that he has done and it doesn’t give a full picture of him as a person. So, I really think it’s an important thing to not judge I guess people by let say, what they do which is really hard because I do it myself all the time but I am getting around it and I guess time will tell on that one.

Another thing that I was thinking about as I was traveling home the other day on the airplane is having a strong-strong expertise in the one specific area versus learning a number of things quite quickly. For me I have a hard time focusing on one thing for a long period of time, I like to learn about all types of different things and get into all types of different things because different things interest me. So when there was that transition period in my life where I was coming back from California, leaving the previous position, decided to finish school and really didn’t have any means of earning income and that was in early 2001 late 2000, I was thinking to myself that I have a good friend who does computer programming and he had been doing it for a number of years and he became an expert at it and I was thinking man, he is making really good money, he is an expert in that area, he gets respect in that area, I wonder if I am totally making a mistake by continually moving into different industries and learning different things because I don’t really have that depth of expertise in that one specific area but now looking back at the last 33 years, I really understand now that it’s more about being an entrepreneur, and understanding bits and pieces and getting a good idea of a lot of different things, just seen also that you can identify and manage the people who need to do it, so now someone who is an expert in computers, I am going to hire him, someone who is an expert in law, in accounting, I am going to hire them but my expertise is really learning things extremely fast and being able to put the big picture together and get everyone to work together. I think that’s absolutely important, so if you are kind of like me and you are thinking, man; I am, I like to learn all these different things and I like to continually move and change then there is hope

We have another column that we are in negotiation with for Oceanic around town, it’s and that column will be focused on social entrepreneurship as well. Coming to basic gist of this whole push for columns is that we already have the material, we have the interviews and we have a lot of content, why not re-purpose that into other things such as written columns, online columns, books, programs and so on and the columns are the initial phase of this next push. Another thing it does for us, is it gives us really good grass roots marketing that in essence we don’t necessarily have to pay for it, so we will see how that goes. Once it’s actually up and live I will give you guys a shout out, put it on the website, you guys can all check it out.

I want to give free after shows to anyone who goes to our website and sends us back some feedback. We have the feedback form, as detailed as you can get really, really truly helps us, we are trying to get a good understanding of what you guys like, what’s helpful, what you dislike, what you think you can add all of that kind of stuff, please go to the website and give us some feedback, go to and let us know those things and then also please subscribe to our Podcast, for those of you folks who are coming continually to the website and listening to the shows over and over, there is a much easier way to do this, you can download iTunes from Apple at or if you have a MP3 device, you can go to or .org and download their software and then what you do is, you can subscribe to our show. The instructions are very simple at, in iTunes you can just type us into the Podcast directory and push subscribe, then it will subscribe you to the show and then our shows will automatically download into you, your system, every time we have something new, that way you don’t always have to come back to the site to get the new stuff. Okay, so that’s going to be it for Evan’s Journal tonight and I will talk to you folks later, thanks a lot.