The tables have turned this time for our husband-and-wife radio show hosts.

President and CEO of Energy Industries, Darren Kimura was a guest host for this episode interviewing Evan and Kari Leong, founders and owners of EK Ventures. The show features their careers and how they as a couple handle their seemingly hectic business and family life.

Evan and Kari started their careers in a multi-level marketing organization where they have honed their skills in selling and dealing with people, which to them was not easy in the beginning.

“The MLM business is probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life. You go through more rejection in one day than you’d probably go through in one year,” Evan said. “If you’ve ever been in business and you ride that rollercoaster, try and ride it five times in the same day. That’s the experience, but you grow really, really fast, if you can make it.”

Evan also talks about how he had come up with the concept of Greater Good Radio, focusing on the promotion of social entrepreneurship, and Kari’s unrelenting support for his endeavor.

He shares the concept of ‘leverage’, which has been imparted to him by Duane Kurisu, and how it had become a paradigm for their program.

Kari, meanwhile, tells us how their teamwork and support for each other prove to be instrumental in their growing success as entrepreneurs and parents.

Find out more about Evan and Kari’s future plans for their program in this interview conducted by Mr. Kimura.


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