Michael Stephens

My introduction to Greater Good Radio began by accident while I was searching for the sports radio station 1420 am. I was not sure what the show was about. As I continued to listen I became more and more interested.

One of the interviews which caught my attention was with Evan and Kari Leong. I remember almost every detail. I was fascinated by their creativity in starting their business. What I learned was to look at the big picture and concept of the “greater good” became real to me. I could see that my thinking was too small.
After making contact with Evan, I asked one of my clients if she had a favorite charity that my business could partner wit. She gave me the name of the charity and a contact person. I called and spoke with a representative and after I shared, she was so excited about the possibilities of partnership. I can envision many positive and creative ideas springing from this initial partnership.

Michael Stephens

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