Luke Tucker and SIFE

Aloha Evan and Kari,

Thank you so much for the privilege of working with you and your company, Greater Good Radio. It is my pleasure to share with you that our Greater Good Radio project has won us the “Success Skills Individual Topic” trophy in the semi-finals that was held in San Francisco, California. We will now go on to compete in the SIFE National Exposition that will be held in Kansas City, Missouri. We are excited to share with the guests and judges our incredible experience with Greater Good Radio and their guests.

I personally wanted to share with you that my involvement with Greater Good Radio has redirected my future. Being involved in the preparation of the interviews and an active participant of the interviews, I was able to reflect on where I was headed and why. From this experience I will continually keep in mind that if I can find my passion, make an impact on others by helping them and enjoy what I am doing, I know that everyone will succeed ultimately.


Luke Tucker
President Hawaii Pacific University SIFE Team

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