Joe Higgins – Arizona serial entrepreneur

The more I listen to the shows the more insight I pick up on myself and my role as an entrepreneur in my community. What your interviews do for me is put into words, many of the ideals and journeys I too go through.

What I like about the show:

I started listening on the Famous Amos show. I was struck by how candidly Amos opened up about his failures how his ego played such a major role in his business life. I especially like how he’s come full circle and combining business with social responsibility. My wife is a big Amos fan from his articles in the Costco magazine. His insights are always right on.

I really like how each guest speaks about their past and how you get them to open up about where they came from. The Joe Rice interview was one of the best stories I’ve ever heard about a person overcoming their tough upbringing. If that man can make something of his life any one can. I shared that pod cast with my wife on a trip back from Mexico and we were both really moved by the story. You spent a lot of time letting him explain his background because it was interesting and because when he went on to explain what he’d done with his life it was all that more impressive. It was very inspirational.

To do your show right you have to have a strong knowledge of business, both large and small and be able to listen and let the interview develop. It must be hard not to interject your own business or life stories into the interviews but you both do a good job of being neutral and getting the best angle of the story out.

Techniques I’ve implemented:

I really liked the MW Commercial Real Estate interview. I liked how the company allowed its workers to donate work time to charities that they believed in and I think the company actually matched the workers hours with actual cash to the charity. I like how it empowered the employees and taught them the importance of the community around them. I really like the idea and I’m working on introducing this type of program in our company. I do a lot of charity work but it made me realize that I’m not teaching stewardship to my managers and teams. They see me do the work or they come to an event I’m putting on but there is no ownership on their part. I intend to implement a version of this into our companies in the next 6 months.

Keep up the great work. I love the show and pick up ideas at each new show.

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