In March 2006, Greater Good Radio did a joint project with the SIFE team at Hawaii Pacific University and California State University, Chico where they won the regional competition, which secures their spot at the national competition to be held in May.

Luke Tucker, president of Hawaii Pacific University SIFE, says that the organization aims to educate and help people through free enterprise by small business assistance and financing different entrepreneurial and educational projects.

“As a student I believe there is no better resource than Greater Good Radio. Greater Good Radio benefits not only those interested in business but those who are interested in living life to the fullest. Listening to Greater Good Radio is an incredible eye-opener and educational tool and allows you to have a glimpse into the lives of successful individuals. It is empowering, enlightening, and a tool to achieve success.”

Greater Good Radio interviewed six active and budding members of the organization and the business community.

Eric Hormann, president of CSU SIFE says, “Greater Good Radio is an excellent resource for the budding young entrepreneur. Being one myself I find the quality of the programming to be more engaging than anything like it out there. I have gotten a lot of useful information on how helping my community in the long run will help your business. Hearing it from the people that make the decisions has definitely given me a better perspective on how to go about these decisions. Also having the chance to meet these individuals has given me great confidence in the over all future in entrepreneurial ventures.”

Listen now to find out how Greater Good Radio inspires college students through social entrepreneurship.

SIFE is a global non-profit organization active in more than 40 countries. SIFE is funded by financial contributions from corporations, entrepreneurs, foundations, government agencies and individuals. Working in partnership with business and higher education, SIFE establishes student teams on university campuses. These teams are led by faculty advisors and they are challenged to develop community outreach projects that reach SIFE’s five educational topics:

Market Economics
Success Skills
Financial Literacy
Business Ethics
SIFE team members leverage their personal educational experiences, the expertise of their faculty advisors, the support of their local business advisory boards, and the resources of their institutions to implement programs that create real economic opportunities for members of their communities. The effectiveness of their programs is judged at competition. Each national SIFE organization conducts a national competition, which is judged by leaders from its business community. At competition, SIFE teams present the results of their educational outreach projects and compete to determine which team was most successful at creating economic opportunity for others. SIFE National Champion teams advance to the top level of competition, the SIFE World Cup.


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