Dr. Ryan Ferchoff’s secret to success is simple—be economical. It is his providential nature and dream of growth that have given him business success. Dr. Ferchoff’s Natural Wellness Center at Manoa market has become profitable within a month after opening its doors.

“It’s about keeping your expenses low. Don’t go buying all these expensive equipment and supplies. Just stick to the basics of what you’re good at. As your business grows, then you can start the other things.”

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Ferchoff underwent the same training in medical school and learned basic sciences. But on top of it, he also learned the “other natural therapies like vitamins, minerals, different therapies to stimulate the body to heal itself instead of taking a drug or medication to kind of just cover up the symptoms.”

Greater Good Radio brings Dr. Ryan Ferchoff on-air and online as he talks about his reasons to becoming a naturopathic physician and what brought him to Hawaii and start his own business. He also speaks on how he manages to run the wellness center as an entrepreneur dealing with costumers and as a doctor dealing with patients.

In this interview, he also gives advice to entrepreneurs and professionals about how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite their hectic schedules at work. Find out more about naturopathic medicine and how it acts as an alternative to orthodox medicinal practices.

Listen now. This is a must for professionals, or any person for this matter, who want to find a healthy balance between their careers and lifestyles.

Dr. Ryan Ferchoff received his education from a four year professional naturopathic medical college, where they are trained as primary care family physicians. Naturopathic Physicians evaluate diet and nutrition, and place emphasis on restoring health and developing wellness programs to help keep the patient disease-free. Naturopaths are the only physicians clinically trained in a wide variety of medical systems from which they are able to combine and tailor these treatments to the individual needs of patients.


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