Jeff Watanabe is a tireless business and community leader, being member of the board of more than a dozen for-profit and non-profit organizations. He is a founding partner of Watanabe Ing & Komeiji LLC, which he established with colleagues in 1971. At this time, Watanabe Ing. and Komeiji LLC was the youngest of its kind which went head-to-head with the five biggest law firms in the state.

Jeff is also the chairman of the Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation, which works with hundreds of other non-profit organizations in Hawaii and the Philippines.

Greater Good Radio brings back Jeff Watanabe, a man of considerable experience in social entrepreneurship. In this interview, he talks about his time in Washington working under Senator Daniel Inouye, and how the senior politician had influenced him in to going back to Hawaii and give back to the very people who brought him to his current standing.

Jeff also shares his view on mentorship and how this significantly helps in the formation of values of the coming generation of leaders.

“Mentors can help you judge how big a problem is which is very difficult to do when you see a new problem that you never saw before,” Jeff said. “So I think that’s one thing that people ought to be doing.”

Listen to Evan and Kari’s interview with Jeff Watanabe, and find out more about his unflagging involvement in the community.

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