Greater Good Radio highlights Jeff Kleck and Wayne McVicker, founders and partners of Attainia Inc., an Internet-based management company dedicated to improving the management of the capital equipment lifecycle in healthcare. Prior to Attainia, Jeff and Wayne also successfully founded and ran Neoforma, the nation’s first significant Business-to-Business online marketplace for medical supplies and equipment.

The partners draw their knack for entrepreneurship from their creativity, flexibility and focus, and as they walk along the path of success, they bring with them a sense of charity and oneness with the community.

Jeff and Wayne met in the early 90s as employees of a Silicon Valley-based medical device company. Despite their dissimilar personalities, Jeff and Wayne shared the same passion, which prompted them to establish a name in the entrepreneurial world. For almost a decade, the duo has exhibited an unflagging fervor in their business endeavor, learning the ropes as they walk along the unpredictable reality of the market.

“The key to successful partnership over time is to make sure that the skills are complementary; that we have as little overlap as possible,” Wayne said. “If we didn’t question each other continuously, we wouldn’t stretch the boundaries of what we’re capable of.”

Jeff Kleck and Wayne McVicker offer practical advice to young entrepreneurs about finding the right employees. They also share how they contribute to the community and why they integrate philanthropy to their business culture. All these and more only on Greater Good Radio.

Jeff Kleck

Prior to Attainia, Jeff Kleck co-founded Neoforma (NASDAQ: NEOF), where he served as CEO and chairman until July 1999, and is credited as one of the founders of business-to-business eCommerce. Neoforma’s public debut became the 16th highest first day gainer in the history of IPOs on the NASDAQ. Kleck serves as Advisor and Board Member to Stanford University’s Department of Management Sciences & Engineering and Department of Interdisciplinary BioSciences, and Texas A&M University’s Department of Nuclear Engineering. Kleck received a BS and a MS from Texas A&M University in Nuclear Engineering;a MS from Stanford University in Engineering Management; and, a PhD in biomedical physics from UCLA. Kleck is a former member of the faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine.

Wayne McVicker

Wayne McVicker is a licensed architect and has 25 years of experience in the design, healthcare and information technology industries. McVicker was previously co-founder, president and board member of Neoforma, Inc.—the nation’s first significant B2B online marketplace for medical supplies and equipment. At the height of the dotcom boom, Neoforma was one of the handful of wildly successful IPOs in the healthcare space, boasting a $3.3 billion market cap. Neoforma remained a successful, profitable publicly traded provider of healthcare supply chain management solutions for the healthcare industry until its acquisition by privately held Global Healthcare Exchange in early 2006. “Starting Something,” the “roller coaster” story of Neoforma, won several awards, including the 2004 DIY Book Festival Book of the Year Award.

Attainia Inc.

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