More than highly innovative products, the founders and owners of C4 Waterman, Hawaii-based manufacturers of surfing equipment, have taken to fore the marketing of their lifestyle. Todd Bradley, Brian Keaulana, and Mike Fox base their business philosophy on the four core disciplines of a waterman – balance, endurance, strength, and tradition – leading to their C4 brand. And beyond their mission of advocating the waterman way of life, the C4 owners have grounded a foundation that they hope would protract their already socially veered mindset.

Four months in to their business venture, Bradley, Keaulana and Fox are already riding the huge and fast waves of entrepreneurial success that they wish to reflect back to the community soon.

“Our growing pains right now are how to implement the really huge opportunities ahead of us,” Bradley said. “So once we start to get a control of that, it’s within our game plan and our mission statement to create a foundation that would give back to the community.”

The business partners and long time friends believe in the power of the water to heal, which is where they want to focus their community initiative.

“That’s what our foundation would be, a water-oriented thing,” Bradley said. “It brings you back to reality and helps you clear your head. Makes your mind right.”

Todd Bradley and Brian Keaulana share their experiences growing up in Hawaii and how they have become role models to many of the islands’ children.

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Todd Bradley
Like his partners, it’s hard to believe Todd Bradley ever sleeps. He lives what he loves and wastes no time in doing so. Balancing family life with a highly successful career in brand-building, sales and marketing, he somehow still managed to reach elite levels in a slew of sports, particularly canoe paddling and surfing. His passion and energy are huge driving forces in the C4 mission of further exploring the waterman lifestyle.

Brian Keaulana
Son of legendary, pioneering Hawaiian waterman ‘Buffalo’ Keaulana, Brian’s ocean roots run deep. In both work and play, his life is defined by the ocean. Professional stuntman, stunt coordinator, featured in films such as Riding Giants and Billabong Odyssey, his accomplishments all stem from a life in the ocean. Born and raised on the beach at Makaha, Brian has made major contributions to the surfing world both by way of his own sporting achievements, and through his ocean safety expertise that rewrote the safety and possibilities of enjoying the ocean, saving countless lives along the way. A master of tandem, canoe surfing, big-wave riding, and tow-in, his experience cannot be surpassed.

C4 Waterman

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